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FascistSquirrel / 22 Jul 3305
The journey to Korwei.

CMDRS LOG: 33050722; 09:47 Korwei

My ship floats with the yellow star of Korwei looming closely off the port hull.  The flagship to my now impressive fleet, VOKAL ONE, hums mildly as I'm running some routine diagnostics after hunting down some terrorists in one of the neighboring systems, believed to be highjacking shipments of much needed Medicines and Progenitor Cells bound for Wingqvist in Korwei.

We were successful, however the new recruits need a little fine tuning. My recent promotions came faster than expected. Making Captain of the Galactic Federal Guard has directed a fair amount of responsibility my way... It's welcomed truly, however my new charges seem to be so green around the gills sometimes, I wonder how they can even dock! It's no issue... I was there in their flightsuits what seems now to be ages ago.

(Vokal One's systems come active)

Celeste: "Modules Resstored; Systems Nominal"

Finally. The new Corvette class warship replaced my Anaconda just last week, and we are already causing a ruckus.

My journey has taken me to Korwei. To the Galactic Federal Guard more precisely. Responding to a transmission I received, for the enlistment of pilots to help assist in the success of the GFG, I signed on. In doing so, I work to help create yet another pillar of hope for the federation. As a successful mercenary and bounty Hunter, usually employed by the Federation directly, it was nice to not have big brother breathing directly down my neck anymore.

I'm heading back to our headquarters in Wingqvist, to turn in the reports of the successful fulfillment of the Kill Order Contracts in Caucan, the neighboring system. It would appear I have paperwork to do, and I'm dreading it. I much prefer my helm to bueracracy.

The last months have been draining, almost no time to myself. From hunting down the Purple Posse Faction pirates in 3263, to long hauls of much needed goods to Korwei, it seems the list will not end. To complicate the issue, Caucan's people are retreating to Korwei for assistance and have brought with them an outbreak of more than average proportions.

It's quite miserable, the local populations are in a bit of an unrest, and the Galactic Federal Guard is in need of every medical commodity we can find just to keep up. No matter, our will is painite, and our recruits show promise... I can remain optimistic.

Since the attack on Palin, my want to go lend assistance has been eating at me as well. If it wasn't for the outbreak I would have been gone off to assess that situation. However I would propose that the outbreak may have saved my life. Rumour is that his megaship was attacked.. All I can do is wait and listen for now.

(Celeste) "Incoming Message"

Well, so much for R&R. Our haulers are being harassed for the medicinal cargo they are carrying again. I wouldn't mind a few more notches in the blade before returning home...

CMDRS LOG: 33050722; 10:40 Korwei; Closed
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CMDR FascistSquirrel
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22 Jul 3305
The journey to Korwei.
08 Jul 3305
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