Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 23 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval visits an old friend

It was a rainy day on Emerald, the terraformed moon at Cemiess. I decided to stay at my palace and do some marketing campaigns, so the Angels could deliver it to systems who needs it. A few hours of writing
and answering messages from all around the bubble I got a private com. It was a friend of mine, CMDR JSTed, he is independant but helped me alot during the last months and so I asked him if he want to visit
Cemiess. He answered yes and wanted to show me his newest ship, a little nimble fighter.

A few hours later he arrived at Cemiess and I entered my Cutter to meet him at the system. I started and activated the FSD to get faster in the orbit and meet him near Mackenzie. His ship was nothing else than a
classic Cobra MKIII, a multipurpose vessel with great handling and compartments for that size. I hailed him and he was glad to see me, we talked about some recent stories and the good news about Palin.
He wanted to show me a new tool he had purchased recently: A weapon capable of destroying entire astroids apart, mostly used by miners to get these rare Void Opals.

We headed to an asteroid field around an gas giant and he scanned for valuable materials. The fact he fight the Thargoids alot makes has a downside, the maintenance and new parts are expensive and the payout
for killing an Interceptor is not the highest compared to other jobs in the bubble. We leaved supercruise and I had my problems flying this giant ship between al these stones. He went to an asteroid shaped like a
piece of popcorn. After sending out a prospector limpet drone, he searched for breaches at the hull. I asked some questions and layed myself back on that comfy chair to oversee his actions. The ship shots some
little charges at these breaches and he told me to get distance to that explosion. I managed all energy to the shields and after a few seconds a loud noise was comming from the asteroid followed by a huge detonation. It was so intense, my sensors got scrambeled and I could feel the shockwave on my body. I told him he could warn me, but the only response was a laugh from him.

After that his limpets collected all the broken pieces and his refinery made them to pure void opals. I told him that one of them could be more worth then his ship and laughed. After this presentation of mining
techniques we went to Cemiess. He had to go to the Pleiades to slay some Thargoids and I had enought to do for the Empire.

CMDR JSTed: https://inara.cz/cmdr/101476/
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