Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 25 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval and the prismatic shield generator

Today it was very warm and the most people had problems dealing with that heat. My task was to bring some commanders a present for doing a great job the last week, the infamous Prismatic Shieldgenerator.
This generator is stronger than any other shieldsystem, but has a higher power draw and weight. We used high end technology to made these systems and only provide its to the best pilots in our rows. As I heard
a friend of mine will get his generator, I decided to bring it personally to him and so I loaded up the generator, fitted for his main ship, the INV Hadrian's Fist, a former Federal Corvette. Our engineers had to make
some changes to fit this generator in a Core Dynamics ship and after they finished this kind of work I boarded my cutter, requested starting permission and leaved Emerald to get to his homesystem. It was a longer
flight, as his postion was close to the neutron star "Jacksons Lighthouse", but I had time to read some messages and do some work for our new marketing campaign,

After a few hours I arrived at the station, called Alexeyev Hub and asked for landing permission to hand over the generator and visit a Federal Corvette for the first time. I heard the dont have any luxury at them,
only important things and the hallways are small and dark. Its like the Farragut vs Majestic. Our ships have gravity and a standard of luxury, but the Farragut is a pure warship without any other things.
I landed safely and the ramp released and I headed to the hangar where the ship, of CMDR Yumasai was parked. It was complete white and had decals with my insignia on it. I entered the vessel from the stair located
und the hull and was really shocked about the interior. It was dark and cold, lacking any sense of aesthetic. Yumasai showed me the compartments and

His engineers were also at the ship and was really suprised as the Princess of the Empire walked along the shield generator bay. They were speechless, but I told them that I'm not as Princess here, only as a friend of
Commander Yumasai and so they get a bit relaxed and we talked about the shield generator. They started to dismount the old one and I decided to go to the bridge with him. It was the only place on the ship
with space and lighting. I was suprised about the terminals and his weaponsystem were really impressive. Two huge hardpoints direct behind the bridge. He told me about some wars his faction, Benelux Commanders
fight at the moment. They had a lot of expansions at the moment and so he showed me the last logs.

Later the engineers reported the had successful installed the new generator and we could test it now. Yumasai activated the shield system and with the help of the station power supply the generator builds up the
massive shield, supported by several booster cells located at the hull. It took about two minuts and the shield was at 100% power and we checked the terminal, it showed us a raw strenght of 4274 MJ, alot for a
Class 7 compartment. Only the mighty Cutter can hold a Class 8 prismatic shield generator, making it the strongest ship when it depends on shield strenght. We talked a bit and then I had to leave to get back in time
to Emerald. It was a long and intresting day and every cmdr who does a great job for me deserves to have the prismatic mounted on his ship. For the Empire.

CMDR Yumasai: https://inara.cz/cmdr/128530/
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