Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 29 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duvals Blue Shadow

Today I received a message from the Pilots Federation branch at Shinrarta Dezhra to visit them. A few moths ago I wrote an letter, because I wanted to create my own squadron to unite commanders and help them
on there journey. Now they wanted to talk with me about this and I became the permission to enter the system with the well known Founder's world. I entered my ship and started to went to the infamous system.
It took me several jumps to reach it and I took the time to get myself ready and put some makeup on. We dropped out of the hyperspace and I programmed the auto pilot to visit the only station there: Jameson Memorial. The space was full of ships, mostly things like Mamba or Krait trying to hunt some weaker ships and pirate them. It took only several minutes and we arrived there.

I requested docking permission and my autopilot tried its best to dock without scratching any ship. It was a mess there, so many ships at this medium sized starport. Since they called out all modules are to buy
there with a discout, commanders from every faction and power visits this place to outfir there ships. We landed safely and I stood up and went to the airlock. The ramp engaged and I looked at the landing pad.
A tall women stands there and smiled at me. She greeted me and we went to her office to talk about the squadron request. It was a new thing a royal family member wants to create a sqaudron and we talked
about my reasons and she gave me some tips. I looked out of the windows and saw my ship, standing there.

After she gave me the permission and gave me the papers, a fee about 10 million credits was to pay. I told her to get that money from my bank account and so we went back to my ship. I checked all systems
and began my flight back to Cemiess. With that good news the flight was fastly over and I landed safely in front of my white palace, illuminited from the sun. Now the real work began and I had to see what
other Commanders want from a good squadron. Things like forced presence or minimal experiece are not that great. I want a squadron open for every type of commander from a beginner or veterans with
thousands of flight hours. Also I want to have a place for all commanders to meet, exchange knowledge and helping each other on the way to the Elite. A few hours later Blue Shadow was created.
Not to serve me.. to serve the humanity and make the Galaxy a better place to live!

Princess note: I welcome every commander there and I'm glad to offer you a Discord for finding wings and learning new things. A family-like atmosphere and fun is the priority. Also RP is a great part of this
but not a duty! The only rules are having fun and being nice to eachother.    
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(If you cannot join, please give my your support via Inara. Thank you )
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