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Korzhakov / 30 Jul 3305
Business in the bubble

I look across the room at my grandson, I reflect on the wonderful summer we have had together. As I arrived home from the Distant Worlds 2 expedition, his presence on Colonia was a complete surprise. I have missed him terribly since we moved to Tir.

But summer is drawing to a close and it is time for him to be returned home to my daughter so that he can start school next month. He really enjoys flying with me and so he is excited about getting to make the journey back to Diaguandri with me. The Asp X "Savitskaya" has been prepped for the journey and he will get the privilege of sitting in the second commanders seat when he's not back playing in his room or the galley, as it's hard to hold and 8 years old's interest on one subject for long.

We have planned out the menu as he, like many kids, is a picky eater. So the provisioning for our couple of day journey include his favorite peanut butter sandwiches and some cereal.

Once back at Ray Gateway I have business that will consume a good deal of the late summer and fall in the bubble. There are engineers to visit, ships to buy, guardian technologies to acquire, and thargoids to kill. I get it, we invaded their harvesting sights, we would fight back too. But we can't sit back and let them over run humanity. They are to powerful and we don't know enough about them or their intentions. I must be prepared to help in case our species is threatened. I have a Krait MkII in storage at Mars High, I think I'll outfit that one for zeno combat when I get back.

I won't attack them just to try and drive them off of their own sites, but if they come after us, I will be ready.
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CMDR Korzhakov
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