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Haelnorr / 01 Aug 3305
The Unknown...

The news of the alien species known as the Thargoids being present in the galaxy is years old now. While I took a break from travelling the stars, rumours of these creatures landed on my ears. I had no interest in returning to the helm, and so rumours of dangerous foes beyond that of our own species worried me not. When I finally returned to the stars, stories of encounters and battles from the frontier began to intrigue me, but I always imagined my own encounters to be far in the future.

To complete my contract with Professor Palin, I needed to gather sensor fragments from these creatures' vessels. There was rumour of a crash site in the Pleiades, and so tentatively I investigated the site, and while collecting the fragments I felt an eerie presence, as if I was being watched. When I had finally collected all the pieces I required, I turned back to my ship, and began the trip to Arque.

On my second jump, the hyperspace route failed, and my heart began to race as I feared the ship would be ripped apart. Upon exiting the jump, the computer began to malfuction. Immediately, I tried to perform a reboot, but it was impossible as the screens flickered. The whole system was scrambled. Just as it began to settle, and I prepared the next jump, an unknown vessel jumped into the local space.

My sensors could not scan it; readings were a scrambled mess and as I feared the worse and hurried my preparations to jump, a strange energy blast engulfed the ship and the entire system shut down in an instant.
I could do nothing. Helpless, I sat anxiously waiting for functionality to be restored - if it ever would - as the strange vessel circled behind, out of my field of vision.
My system did come back online, and I quickly engaged the hyperdrive and jumped away before it could do anything else.

I sit now in Hyades Sector HR-V B2-5, having only just performed the jump. I need a few minutes to process the situation.
How long until my next encounter with The Unknown...

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CMDR Haelnorr
Mercenary / Explorer
12 Aug 3305
Rumours of Mass Destruction
01 Aug 3305
The Unknown...
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