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AustralianChaos / 04 Aug 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 12

August 4, 3305
Day: 84
Distance from Beagle Point: 9,568.57ly
Distance to Waypoint 09: 5,104.35ly
Distance to Sagittarius A: 30,845.40ly
Distance to Kunti: 56,681.91ly

Even with the goals of my long, arduous journey met, the drama and issues continue. But, I think, and hope, that I’ve finally dealt with the worst of it, and that the voyage home will go much smoother than it has been so far.

The last few weeks since reaching the furthest the StarNova could go from home have been plagued with issues in the flight computer and FSD systems. Errors, shutdowns, all manner of troubles...it’s made flying back out of the Abyss a frustrating, difficult task. It’s taken all those weeks, but I seem to have finally traced the cause of the troubles down to a series of faults in the communications system, a mix of damaged hardware from the close calls throughout my journey, and some bugs in the old software. It’s taken some jerry-rigging and finessing, but I’ve managed to disable to standard communications system, while re-routing all communication processes through the newer and sturdier long range FTL comm systems I had fitted specifically for this journey. It’s worked perfectly for stopping the computer troubles, but I can’t exact test the comm system’s local transmission abilities out on the far edge of the galaxy without another soul around for thousands of light years. That will have to wait until I reach the galactic core, and the new station there, at which point I can have the comm system replaced, anyway. The system crashes have also caused further damage to the ship as a whole, and while the two AFMUs have been invaluable in keeping that damage in check, the power plant still have that slightly rough sound of inefficient running, and the ship’s structure definitely creaks and groans every now and then. The sounds are especially loud when she’s in low-power mode while I’m trying to sleep, and definitely make for some restless nights. Another thing I’ll definitely be getting fixed up at the next station I find.

Still, the bypassing of the malfunctioning comms systems means the last few days have seen very strong progress. We’re finally out of the Abyss, charging in towards the galactic core with only a slight deviation to take a look at an interesting sight I’ve heard about that I’ll hopefully reach in the next couple of weeks. Now that I’m back within the galaxy properly, I’m hoping I can dip below the galactic rim and start making use of the Neutron Highway within the next couple of days. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, the trip has seen a couple more earthlikes, along with the first ammonia world I’ve come across since the early days of my trip. The usual countless terraformables, as well, many of which have naturally been discovered. The Abyss is decently well charted with the various expedition teams that come out here. But since leaving the Abyss behind, I’m noticing a lot more undiscovered systems now that there’s more room for ships to move and make use of the full range of their FSD systems. Time will tell what I find, though.

I’ve been out here for almost three months, now. Enough time to do the SagA trip I made at the start of the year twice over. This has been a slower run all around, with more issues coming up, which I expected given the distance of the journey. Still, my store of main supplies is over half depleted, being set to last five months. The return trip should be quicker, but all the same, I may have had enough delays to force me to dig into the emergency rations in the last legs of the trip. But that’s what I packed them for...and maybe being forced to use them will make me more eager to race home? I definitely miss the simple pleasures of station life, even something as simple as gravity, and could definitely do with a change of focus in my work after this trip.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
04/08/3305 0345
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