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Korz / 05 Aug 3305
Mining my own business

I plunked down most of the money that I had to purchase the Python a few days ago. I spent some time talking to the miners around the watering hole where the pilots hang out. I listed keenly to them as each has a nugget of wisdom among the stories and tall tales.

I head back to the Faulcon Delacy office to see about getting the ship rigged for mining. I run into Jean (on purpose) as she is the beauty that helped me a few days ago and I wanted an excuse to see her again.

We sit down and figure out what I need and what it will cost me. She knows this is running me down on cash quite a bit. I still have more than most citizens will ever have, but for a commander it's not that much, less than half the purchase price of the stock python I bought a couple of days ago.

We get the plans all completed and it's going to take a couple of hours before it is all ready. So I ask Jean if she would like to have lunch while the ship is being worked on? "That would be nice" she replies and we head off for a local place in the low G section near the hangars.

We talk for the next hour and I discover that she was born on Mars High and raised there until she was 21. She left there as she had obtained a job with Faulcon Delacy  doing admin work in Reorte at the companies headquarters. The company quickly discovered that she was smart and talented and has been moving through higher and higher positions with the company until 5 years ago when she obtained the sales engineer job that she has now.

She decided to hold onto this job while she worked on her masters degree in space systems engineering. She really enjoys the sales engineer jobs, but says that she wants to go into system design for the company. She also says this is the first time she has gone to lunch with a client.

I stare into her eyes for what seems like hours and listen to her every word. I let her talk and don't offer too much of my background yet. I'll save that for when we get to know each other a little better.

We leave the cafe and head back to her office. She informs me that it will be two more hours before "Syren" will be finished in the hangar. We say good bye and she tells me to call her sometime. I most certainly will.

I pick up the ship that late afternoon and after a quick pre flight I head off to a local system with pristine reserves just like the old guys told me to do.

I pick my ringed world and scan, bingo!! void opals, grandiderite and lots more opals. I drop into the ring and use all of the tricks of the trade I learned. I learn fairly quickly how to interpret the pulse wave signals and soon am cracking open my first asteroid.

I keep at it for a few hours and fill my hold up part way. I get back and sell what I have mined and just like that it hits me how much money you can make doing this. I made 41 million credits in just that short time and I realize there are things I am still doing wrong as I am so new to this.

I go home, do more research and then I am at it again the next day. Only this time I am starting to get the hang of it. In this outing I bring in a cool 107 million credits, more money that I have ever known. I am starting to enjoy this and am getting really good at it.

Today I spend most of my Sunday out in the same rings, gathering void opals, grandiderite and some low temperature diamonds. I have to make two trips as I loaded my hold quickly. The second trip goes just as well. but this time as I emerge from the rings to take a quick break and have some lunch I get 4 punks in fighters that come up and demand what I have been working so hard for.

They send a hatch breaker limpet to attack my cargo hold, so I boost away and deploy my weapons, if the ship controlling the limpet is in a few hundred thousand pieces, he can't control the limpet.

I make quick work of the 4 of them as they must have assumed that this python is only rigged for mining, but the two large beam lasers and engineered large multicannon say otherwise.

I get back to Ray Gateway in the evening and by time I sell what I have mined, I have over a half a billion credits sitting in the bank of Zaonce. Well this was totally unexpected.

I get a call from Jean and she is asking if I would like to get together for dinner. I totally cannot believe my luck on both fronts right now. So I tell her I will meet her in an hour as I need to get cleaned up.

We meet at a sushi bar near the surface of the station at 7 and we have a couple of drinks, She is dressed for a date and I can't  take my eyes off of her, she is simply stunning in every respect.  Her blue cowl neck shirt is there to accentuate her figure and she is in a skirt and 5 inch heels. I am having a hard time focusing on the menu with her looking like that. We order some miso soup and then a few rounds of sushi, we put down some drinks and things are more casual in our conversation. I tell her that I was with the FSS for many years but don't go into my exact job, she doesn't seem phased that I worked for them, I let her know I have never been married nor have any kids. but that I recently adopted a cat named Bella.  She tells me that she also has never been married as she has been growing her career and hasn't taken the time to date much either, it is obvious we have many things in common.

We finish dinner and head off to the local pub where we grab a table in the corner and order some beer. We talk until sometime in the early morning. It feels like we have known each other for years.

I escort her back to her apartment. She lives the exact same model apartment that I do but one section up spin from mine.  I tell her what a wonderful time I have had tonight and she echos the same, I give her a small kiss on the cheek and we make arrangements to get together tomorrow for some nachos and beer when I get back from my mining run.

Who knew there was so much to life after a career in special ops..
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