Logbook entry

Korz / 06 Aug 3305
It can't really be this simple

I hit the control for the cargo hatch as the limpets go to work. they grab the chunks of the void opals I have just freed utilizing the magic of high explosives. I sip my coffee as I sit here and let the limpets do their jobs. Then on through the rings until I find the next one. Boom, more void opals, grandiderite, alexandrite etc..

Before I know it my hold is almost full and I am down to the last 3 limpets, I've been at this for a few hours so it's time to head back and sell my haul.

When I get to Clauss Mines I sell the 91 tonnes of void opals for a princely sum of 177 million credits, then I sell the other two minerals I was mining and confirm the money is in the account. I thank the commodities dealer and depart the station.

I plot my course back to Ray Gateway and make the quick single jump, while this is going on I can't help but think, thee days ago I had just 23 million credits, now I have 3/4 of a billion credits. I can retire to a planet or station and live comfortably for the rest of my life, but there is much I still want to do.

I arrive and get assigned a docking pad. I let the automatic system take over as I call Jean and see if we are still on for a casual night out tonight. She says she will be ready at 7 and to meet her at her at the restaurant at that time.

I hangar "Syren" and shut down the systems and do a post flight to make sure she is ready to go, I head to the exit with Bella right on my heels and we take the lift down to the hangar. I have the ground crew load up 57 new limpets for tomorrows work and then we hit the lift for the trip down to our place.

Bella gets in the apartment and goes straight for her food bowl, I need to get out of the Remlok and get a shower.

I emerge from my room and Bella is in her bed asleep, she's a tired kitty.

I find my way to the Restaurant and we have reservations so the table is ready. I sit down and order a shot of tequila while I am waiting for Jean to arrive.

I just finish my shot when she walks in and I cant get over how she looks. She's in a tight t-shirt and fitted blue pants, hair is down and for a second date, very casual but incredibly beautiful. I stand up and give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she sits down and orders a beer and I do the same, we peruse the menu until we decide that we want the nachos with everything on them, looks like out tastes in food run about the same as well.

We sit and talk about how our respective days went and it feels like we've been doing this for years. I am very comfortable around this highly intelligent woman. She is only a few months away from finishing her masters degree and she will be trying to get a job working in space systems engineering with her company Faulcon DeLacy. It would be a work from wherever job with frequent trips to the companies many shipyards and headquarters. She is crazy smart and ambitious, she will do well in that division.

We finish the nachos, a couple more beers and then we head off for a walk. I take her hand and we stroll through one of the near surface parks, it's a great place to chat and hang out. We talk about our childhoods and we find that there were many similarities between both of us in how we were raised.

We talk for hours and then I escort her back to her place. This date ends with our first kiss and I will never forget it. This new life is turning out a lot better than I imagined, but I am also careful not to get too excited, as things can change in an instant.

My head is swimming with all that is taking place in my life right now. I have met an incredible woman, I am becoming wealthy at an amazing pace and i have a wonderful little kitten to keep me company in space.

I take my time getting back one section down-spin to my place and Bella is up playing with her scratching post. I tell her all about the date with Jean and she just keeps scratching at her post, and playing with her toy mouse.

I have many plans I want to accomplish as an pilot with an independent faction like EXO. So for now, I will keep stacking credits in the bank of Zaonce, build my fleet and capabilities, and see where things lead with Jean.
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