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Chandra Sekhar / 07 Aug 3305
Changes and change

Damnit! I have waited long enough, and I don't think Faulcon DeLacy is going to do anything to fix the Sidewinders deplorable lack of cup holders. Anyway the ship is only marginally larger than the key fob that holds the ship keys, and I keep losing either (or both) of them when I get even a little bit distracted. So I feel it’s time to shop for a new ship.

I hear good things about Anacondas and Cutters. Unfortunately the piggy bank has been on a hunger strike lately, so I fear I will have to do some sofa mining for some extra coins. And while I have the abrasion blaster out, I ought to check between the seats and the centre console in the Sidewinder too. I may even convince the filter in the washing machine to help with a modest donation as well.

Hmmm....let’s see what we have in the classifieds.
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CMDR's logbook

CMDR Chandra Sekhar
Researcher / Trader
04 Sep 3305
See you out there
Chandra Sekhar
03 Sep 3305
One way trade
Chandra Sekhar
03 Sep 3305
Got mug, need shot
Chandra Sekhar
02 Sep 3305
Not as advertised
Chandra Sekhar
23 Aug 3305
Hutton, we've had a problem...
Chandra Sekhar
20 Aug 3305
Mayday Mayday!
Chandra Sekhar
18 Aug 3305
Silver lining
Chandra Sekhar
15 Aug 3305
Road rage
Chandra Sekhar
14 Aug 3305
In the dog house...again
Chandra Sekhar
13 Aug 3305
All that glitters isn't gold
Chandra Sekhar
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