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Korz / 08 Aug 3305
Opportunity and Disappointment

I throttle back the thrusters on "Syren" my python and request docking, I have spent the day doing some errands, a couple of quick cargo runs in between getting some new equipment installed on the ship. I finally went with a full "A" rated power plant, upgraded her armor to military grade composite and went for some engineering on the new 6A shields. She is a much better suited hazardous cargo transporter now.

This proved true on the second cargo run, a poor unsuspecting DBX interdicted me, so I submitted, turned the nose of the ship towards him and brought down his shields in just seconds, he gets one pass on me, and I get him in sights again and let go with all 3 multicannons, now all that's left is the salvage of his useful parts.

I get to my last stop and I get a message that the slot I was waiting for on the "Conduit" has come available due to a last minute cancellation. I have to get back to Ray Gateway ans switch ships over the "Manticore" my ASP X rigged for exploring. I throttle back the thrusters and request docking and it hits me. I just made plans with Jean to go to the burbon and BBQ event on the station this weekend, and now I will be in Guardian space for the weekend. My heart sinks, the last thing I want to do is disappoint this woman as we are just starting to date. But this is a great opportunity for me and I can't turn it down.

I hangar the ship and as the ground crew prepared "Manticore" for her trip, I grab Bella and head over to Jean's office.  She is surprised to see me, especially holding flowers in my hands and my kitten by my side. I have a sad look on my face and she asks if everything is alright, I don't waste her time, I tell her I have to break our date for Saturday. I explain the situation and apologize profusely for this. I give her the flowers and apologize again.

Jean smiles at me and says " I was prepared for this when I started seeing a commander, not happy about it but I do understand"

Now Jean is an incredibly smart and strong woman and I know she will not have a huge tolerance for things like this, but to my surprise she does not seemed phased by it. However I have the feeling that I will pay for it later.

I give her the details of my trip and tell her i will be back in one week. I promise to make it up to her when I get back, she smiles, giggles a bit and gives me a hug and a kiss. She reaches down and picks up Bella, then proceeds to tell me she is holding Bella as ransom,  this way I am sure to come back to her.

I head over to "Manticore's" hangar and do a walk around, the ship looks great. I get on board and have Astra initiate a systems check, "all systems operating withing parameters" she replies, I have her plot a course to Zende, it's just a quick 7 jumps.

I arrive at Zende and super cruise over to the ship. I request docking, and they are ready for me. I set down on pad 8 and secure the ship in the hangar. I head over to check in and go find my room on the ship, we jump in 2 and a half hours. I settle into my room and fall into a deep sleep. When I awake, I will be in Guardian space for the next week. Lots to do and not a lot of time to do it.
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