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Kaparov / 10 Aug 3305
PERSONAL LOG #10 - 10 AUG 3305

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Commander Kaparov reporting in.

Focus crystals polished and primed, check. Multi-cannons restocked, ammunition inspected. Check. Thrusters cleaned, inspected. Shield generator overcharged and operating beyond capacity. Booster augmentation verified. Check, check, check. Life support is stocked, hull seals in place for canopy, fighter hangar reported to have slight delay in rebuild time. Check, check, eh, check.

All systems are go. Gerald's given the a-ok after his last pass on sensors and bridge electronics. We're fine. Green. No pressure. This is our fifth run on a CZ. All systems nominal.


I met with representatives for the OSLM down on Ibold last night to get the details on the stakes, and they're pretty damn high. This is one of those wars where the victor takes all and the loser gets pushed back not just one or two steps, but gets sent tumbling down the staircase. Cartel's control rests solely on the system's primary station--nearest to the star, central hub here--Low, while Laval Dock serves as the Movement's primary base of operations. Also its sole holding. The side that loses its foothold on the system will push a pawn to the far end of the board - promotion to queen, checkmate.

Didn't realize my position in all of this until I showed up and found all the bigwigs standing 'round a holo-table: General Berger, Director of Movements Steiner, party leader Sadgati. All there. I won't go into the details on the operations until the war's over, something for a post-op log, but the plan seems solid enough. We're low on available men, but recent shifts in the system economy have supplied us with what seems to be enough equipment to stand a fighting chance. Though, of course the Cartel's been doing well enough recently, too. We'll have to see.


Mick was at the meeting. Been awhile since I've seen him and, honestly, a bit surprised for him to show his face. Something different about him now, since his time in the pen. Guy's less fucky. S'got resolve in his eyes. Anger. When it came to discussion of what to do with PoWs, were we to win, he mentioned leaving them on the edge of Federation space. Serve as a message to those still wanting to stay with them following the war, an indicator as to what happens to criminals under the OSLM jurisdiction; an obligation to the Federation, were they to not want the deaths of what I presume are a few thousand people on their hands. Criminals, of course, but people, still. It split negotiations down the board. The decision was made to vote on that, or standard reformation procedures, following a victory. I hope for the latter.


That being said, it's time to get back to work. I'll be making the runs between Ibold and Laval for maintenance and bond delivery until the war ends. We expect total victory within three days, but of course we do.


... ah, and one more thing? Every faction in this system's been in some sort of conflict for the past month. Thirty days of war. Death. I suppose they've been operating under a criminal anarchy for far longer than that, I can't imagine the atrocities these people've faced, but... I hope it can be over for them soon. When the OSLM controls Low, I expect peaceful negotiations with the Federation's Kwer Holdings to take place. Eventual transfer of planetary property to the Movement within a month. Yet, what if Mick's plan to leave the Cartel on the Federation's doorstep backfires. I wonder, you know, what...


... no, it's not time to think. It's... it's time for conflict. Another log, another time.

Kaparov out.


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