Logbook entry

Haelnorr / 12 Aug 3305
Rumours of Mass Destruction

It's been some time since my encounter with a Thargoid ship, but it was an experience which has weighed on my conscience ever since. Not a day has gone by where I haven't thought about these strange creatures; I dedicated my formative years as a pilot to protecting society from the evil and the wicked, and here I sit with the knowledge of the greatest threat humanity has known, a hostile space-faring species, and I am unable to do anything to help protect my brethren.
All these thoughts of weakness and inadequacy has driven me to find any and all information on them I can manage.

Apparently what I experienced is known as hyperdiction, and is notorious for happening around the Plaiedes. Furthermore, through my various contacts I learnt about the existence of another mystery our Galaxy has to offer.

Ancient ruins and complex structures have been found nearly a thousand light-years from the bubble, and there are rumours that unlocking their secrets will unleash devastating weapons humanity can use to destroy the Thargoids for eternity. I must investigate these rumours further.

The Galaxy seems to get bigger every day.
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