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Scubadog / 12 Aug 3305
More Thoughts on the Type-10 Defender

I've now spent some time with the Defender.  Why on earth (or any other planet) would I need that behemoth?  But, impulse is impulse.  It's taken me several days to jump through the hoops of upgrading and engineering.  I had run a number of missions focused on acquiring some of the class 5 materials, which I ended up needing to visit all three material traders to line up inventories for the engineering.  I still fell a little short on a few things (stopping at level 4 for lack of materials).  Let's face it, for all the things I love about Colonia, one thing is true: you can't get all the materials here, plain and simple.

Anyway, once I was satisfied I had tweaked The Ceti Lysytsya as far as I could, I decided to hit a resource extraction site (of the hazardous variety) to see what she could do.

I was impressed.  I've got Lysytsya equally tanked up with hull and shield reinforcement, along with a modest bit of module reinforcement.  I also have a dual fighter bay on her.  As I dropped in to the resource site I sent Malina down to jump in one of the fighters.  Even after fully engineering the thrusters on this thing, she does not present herself to be all that agile.  Having a Condor covering my blind spots means I can focus on the target.  And, let's face it, I've got plenty of firepower on this ship, so I found it easily handled medium ships.  I didn't have an opportunity, though, to go toe-to-toe with an Anaconda or Corvette.  I'll want to build my bank account back up before I get that bold.

So, almost a million bounty credits later, I cruised back to Colonia Dream and parked my new addition.  Repair costs this run?  Zero.  It burns fuel like a mother, though.  But, once I have a chance to pit the ship against a heavyweight, I think this ship will be used mostly for cargo runs during interstellar iniatives and CZ support.

But, for now, I seriously need to get back to mining...I'm under 100mil credits in the bank.
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