Logbook entry

Korz / 12 Aug 3305
Return of the cat

I awoke Sunday at 1300 after about 7 hours of sleep, I am home at Ray Gateway. I get myself some breakfast and grab my terminal to call Jean.
"hello sleepy" she answers.  I tell her to meet me at hangar 3 in an hour and be prepared to go for a flight.

I get out of my pj's and into my Remlok, then my normal flight pants and jacket over that, these Remlok suits are tight fitting and somehow just don't look the best on me.

I grab a coffee to go and head up to the hangar. I arrive early enough to start the pre flight inspection before Jean arrives.

I had provisions loaded so that I could prepare a special lunch for us on the ship, I have a spot picked out on a nice Earth like just a couple of jumps away.

I finish the pre flight and move into the hallway just outside of the hangar, a few minutes before the hour was up, around the corner comes Jean with my kitten in tow.
She is in her Remlok and a pair of pants. There is nothing covering the top on the tight fitting flight suit, and it shows off her incredible figure. I pick my jaw up off the floor metaphorically and smoothly say hello as she gives me a nice "Welcome Back" kiss.

I escort her and Bella through the door to the hangar and Jean squeals with delight upon seeing the Krait Phantom. She runs towards the front of the ship and starts going on about her favorite features of this model. She jumps on the boarding elevator and heads up inside, I pick up Bella and we follow her up. She is looking around the galley and headed for engineering when we get onboard. She is going a mile a minute with tech jargon and some of it is way over my head. She really loves this ship.

She gives me the grand tour of my ship and then Bella finds her new Zero G bed and gets settled in. Jean climbs into the jump seat as I have Astra complete the pre take off checklist. We head up to the docking bay and begin our departure. I make a smooth exit and we are aligning for the jump in no time. She is calmly going on about various things this ship can do, some of which I was unaware of.

We jump to Wolf 1301, EXO's home system, we head to Navia and I land on a pristine section of the shoreline close to the equator. We open up the airlock at the boarding elevator and let the sea air fill the ship. I set up a table and chairs outside and put a bowl of food down for Bella. I go back into the ship and start cooking our lunch, it's a recipe that I created years ago that is always a hit.

She is in her chair, relaxing and enjoying her time planet side. I serve lunch and drinks and we talk and eat for the next few minutes. After we finish I feel it is finally time to tell her what exactly it was I did for the FSS. I go into detail of my career with the Special Operations Squads, the training schools, the units I operated with and even a few unclassified details of old operations.

She seems impressed by my past but not the least bit concerned about it. I find this to be a great relief and my mood lightens considerably. We enjoyed a walk on the beach and she says she wishes she would have know so that she could have brought her bathing suit so that we could go for a swim.

It seems crazy that here I am having a date with this girl I recently met, and am finding myself hoping that this goes further along the relationship timeline, and yet my faction is at war, I just helped out the effort a couple of nights ago. It's a turbulent galaxy and we just have to find our own happiness.

We clean up from lunch and head back to Diaguandri. We dock the ship and she gives me the full sales engineer rundown. It take us until around 10pm that night when I finally suggest we go grab dinner. We head down to the residential levels and go for a quick bite at a local cafe. Again were talking like we've known each other forever. I am very comfortable around her, and that's difficult for me, I don't tend to let people get too close after what I've spent my life doing.

I don't know where things will lead with us, she will be moving to a systems engineering job, I will continue to grow as a commander and expand my repertoire in mission competencies. I guess we just go for it and see where life takes us.

At least I have made up for the missed date on Saturday night and I got my cat back.
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