Logbook entry

Flint Chesthair / 13 Aug 3305
Synuefe EN-H D11-96 System

Who names these systems??
Regardless.  Been in the system for a real life couple of weeks now.  Been landing on 7-A multiple times to gather guardian resources of all kinds.  Almost on my limit of most things.  Not sure if I'll go to the extent of building all the Guardian components or selling them off.  I know I will at least build the Guardian FSD.  I find more relaxation in exploration, gathering, mining and the occasional romp in the nav area for some low level bounty hunting.

Have to find a system near here to shuttle over my ASPX so I can start mining again.  Not hurting for money but want to get to mining again.  Also have to find a system giving out more than 388k\unit of Benitoite.

Supplemental:  Found a station about 197ly away... PENCIL SECTOR EL-Y D5...8 jumps in Teletran-1.  Shuttling over Digger now then will mod her up to get back to Synuefe EN-H D11-96 in as little jumps as possible.  Another thought is to pick up a Type-7 and go nuts building that one up.  I really like Digger though.   Will have to give this some thought.

Head back to:  Synuefe EN-H d11-96 once retrofitting is done.
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