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Mike Probably / 13 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – gone, then back


Escaping the fiery past of the stations burning, the burned in routine of rescue flights. Taking the Probably Gone, I made some 10kLY in a wide arc, taking in some sights. Then the messages started to arrive.

I remember my hands hovering over the navigational controls. My eyes wandering to the places that I never visited.
But the attacks had started again. Witch Head Nebula was burning. The ghost had raised their head again.

I had known it would happen. Just wished for more time.
My hands moved, seemingly by themselves.
100 jumps in 100min. 5000LY straight.

Then some time alone, while I waited for the Probable Rescue to arrive in the last shipyard on my way to the burning enclave. Pondering. Wondering. I had known it would happen. That it had to happen. They would not give up their territory. Sure, more of us knew. So: Why did we go there? Who decided that the expected loss of life was acceptable, just collateral damage on humanities march ahead? Who gang-pressed us into this war?

Then the Python arrived, fully equipped for passenger rescue, just like I left her in the bubble, below some Landing Pad 07, in a system, I did not even remember.

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CMDR Mike Probably
Explorer / Researcher
21 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 - eye to eye
Mike Probably
13 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – gone, then back
Mike Probably
24 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - broken
Mike Probably
20 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - breaking
Mike Probably
18 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07
Mike Probably
31 Jan 3305
Thorn in my Side
Mike Probably
18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech
Mike Probably
09 Jan 3305
It does NOT come in black?!
Mike Probably
04 Jan 3305
I felt that sting before
Mike Probably
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