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Jonny_saturn / 13 Aug 3305
Sea of Stars

I continue to battle it out in the LHS 293 region extraction sites, where fellow comrades are continuing to suffer from merciless pirate attacks. I vowed I would help purge this system of bandits as much as I could and after a week off for essential repairs and realignment of my own equilibrium, I am once again back to carry on with the work. But still they come. A Python, a Cobra, Eagles, occasional Anacondas. They seek out innocent ships and launch attacks on them, even for fun sometimes or so it seems. Wanted ships even occasionally fighting each other, it seems the only life they know.

My plans for long distance exploration are on hold now until the end of the month at least. I have underestimated the need for some resistance in this system and only now am I starting to see the tides beginning to turn in our favour. I hear reports from other travellers, discovering new systems, planets and taking in some magnificent vistas, I long to depart and make my own adventure.

We are in a golden age of exploration and discovery, I fear that I am losing out and that there will be little left for me to see. Then I look at the map of the Milky way and see an ocean of star systems thrown across thousands of light years. Even with hundreds of new systems being logged every day, the sheer numbers of stars to this is vastly overwhelming. I return my focus to the battles closer to home, realising that a few more weeks is not going to make any difference.
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CMDR Jonny_saturn
Scientist / Bounty hunter
13 Aug 3305
Sea of Stars
24 Jul 3305
40 days in the wilderness
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Its an AI thing...
02 Jul 3305
100% my type on paper
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Preparing for war
25 Jun 3305
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System failure
19 Jun 3305
Making Hay
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