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Vincent Serra / 13 Aug 3305
Witch Space

So all my hard work payed off. I've been given an "assignment"...

After the anti-thargoid effort, I tasked my freighters with the repair and resupply of the Witch Head stations. In a magnanimous show of tri-partisanship they're hauling materials for all 3 powers to get the stations back online - for the good of humanity obviously.

Sounds all noble and heroic, right? But you see I got wind of a little job that the Senate had out here for a "trusted individual" to work on the Witch Head census. Essentially this job is to keep tabs on what's going on and record the data for public information. Now, given my Imperial rank and standing and my amicable status with pretty much every faction out here, I'm just the sort of person they're looking for.  Whilst it does mean I have to show my face at various facilities in the area every now and then, it does raise my profile and influence back at the capital. So for now I specced out an Eagle with some enhanced thrusters to get me around quickly, but I've ordered my Courier to be delivered out here so I can travel in a little more style where necessary.


The other upshot of the survey work is I've been able to identify a couple of locations rich in Void Opals (and a lucrative market to sell them in) so at least the losses taken on the repair deliveries can be recouped fairly easily.

Hopefully this can even turn out to be a profitable posting as well as an influential one...
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CMDR Vincent Serra
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