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AustralianChaos / 13 Aug 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 14

August 13, 3305
Day: 93
Distance from Beagle Point: 39,386.74ly
Distance to Waypoint 13: 0.00ly
Distance to Sagittarius A: 3.66ly
Distance to Kunti: 25,903.85ly

And here it is! Explorer’s Anchorage! Last time I was out here construction of this station hadn’t even begun yet. It’s incredible to think that in a few short months a few hundred thousand people have called this place home...and for tonight at least, it will be mine.

It’s great to be within the safety of a dock once more. I’ve been out in the black for two months straight at this point, easily the longest time I’ve gone without the comfort of gravity, let alone company. It’s been an amusingly embarrassing few hours trying to shake off my space legs and walk more than a few steps without falling over. Still, the fellow pilots in the lounge got a good laugh as we swapped stories and shared drinks.

It’s these little things I’ve missed, for sure. Being able to walk on your own two feet, enjoying a meal with other people. I’ll admit I’m a huge introvert and love the isolation of these deep space expeditions. But two months with no one to talk to but the ship’s computer, who’s terrible for conversation, and even I’m left craving some kind of social interaction.

While I’m kicking back and getting a chance to truly relax, my beloved ship is getting some much needed care as well. Maintenance crews will be working on her overnight, fixing up the damage to the hull and reactor, and generally just giving her an inspection to ensure she’s clear to keep flying. No repainting though, I still intend to let her bear the scars of this journey, as proof of the incredible feats she’s performed with me. Maybe one day I’ll fix her up with a fresh coat of paint...but certainly not until after I’m back home, for sure.

Along with maintenance work, Universal Cartographics will also be having a fun time processing the mountain of system and planetary scans I’ve passed on to them. The exact numbers are to be finalised tomorrow before I leave...but all told I should be a billionaire in the morning. More than enough credits to work on some other projects I have going when I get home. I’m keen to branch out into other fields of piloting. Exploration is my big calling, but after a voyage this long, I’m definitely eager to do something else for a while.

Speaking of which, this stop is only an overnight stay. Tomorrow it’s back out into the cosmos, making a quick pass through Sagittarius A itself, before beginning the final run home. A few last sightseeing stops between here and there, which may keep me away from the Neutron Highway, but all the same, after over 120,000 light years of travel, I finally have the end in sight!

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
13/08/3305 1230
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