Logbook entry

Chainsawninja5 / 13 Aug 3305
Commander’s log - Second log - First assignment

“Thank you Verity.”

*A deep inhale is heard, then released.*

“Commander’s log, Second entry, August the thirteenth, year Thirty-three o’ five.”

*He sounded calm and collected ready to record this time.*

Hello Eliza, I hope you are doing well without me, and I hope you don’t hate my guts for my decision. Regardless, I was given my first assignment with this new alliance squadron yesterday, and I’ve only now gotten the time to record my thoughts.”

*He adjusted in his seat, and his fingers drummed quietly on the dashboard*

“I can’t give you any details, as it’s still on going, but I can say it’s going well. I hope you and the others in the old unit are doing well too, I’m sure they do all hate me, as much as it pains me to say it, and I certainly understand why. Hopefully given time they’ll see and understand my reasons for leaving the federation.”

*He glanced to his right then back at the holo screen, leaning forward slightly*

“I don’t know where you’re posted now, or what your current orders are, but if we do run into each other during this operation... well... I’m sorry. That’s all I have time to record for now, they’re done with my ship’s repairs, and I must get back to it. I’ll update you when this assignment is over. So long for now, Commander Mathias, out.”

*End of log*
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