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Chandra Sekhar / 13 Aug 3305
Gone shopping...

Whoohoo! I found a little gem in the classifieds at ’Honest Joes used ship shipyard’; a slightly second hand Krait with only one careful owner. Unbelievably low milage, ridiculously economical yet exceedingly fast. Full history!

I think that sounds really promising, even if it's another Falcon DeLacy ship. I’ll go there right away, while I still know where I put the flipping keys to the Sidewinder. Brb!
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CMDR Chandra Sekhar
Researcher / Trader
04 Sep 3305
See you out there
Chandra Sekhar
03 Sep 3305
One way trade
Chandra Sekhar
03 Sep 3305
Got mug, need shot
Chandra Sekhar
02 Sep 3305
Not as advertised
Chandra Sekhar
23 Aug 3305
Hutton, we've had a problem...
Chandra Sekhar
20 Aug 3305
Mayday Mayday!
Chandra Sekhar
18 Aug 3305
Silver lining
Chandra Sekhar
15 Aug 3305
Road rage
Chandra Sekhar
14 Aug 3305
In the dog house...again
Chandra Sekhar
13 Aug 3305
All that glitters isn't gold
Chandra Sekhar
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