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Jim Beaumont / 13 Aug 3305
The WP have a bumpy ride.

The WP consolidated their victory in 802 by investing heavily in the market, offering favourable rates for the highly sort after metals and minerals in the hope of attracting the miners from a nearby system that was rich in Platinum and Painite.
The fight for the station in their home system however was a much harder thing to complete. 6 days in and nothing to separate the 2 protagonists, it seemed that the Nationals had a much bigger backer than they have expected. Meanwhile, as they fought it out with each other the ruling faction had made small gains. The people obviously not liking the turmoil too much and just wanting a settled life. That said, there isn’t much between any of them.
Odu would appear to have been unsettled by the rise of the WP, with the Coalition adding some impetus to their standing and control, making marginal gains back. The WP were pressing but meeting resistance all round. One good piece of news for the WP though is that the Odu Industry faction is packing its bags and looking to leave as they see no future there. Frankly, the WP could probably do with thinking about doing the same thing from some of the crapholes they find themselves in and concentrate on just a few.

I ran some packages from Odu to 802 and back, cargos of clothing and appliances being the stuff in demand at 802. Life’s improvements and a good return for me. Checking the new gadget while I was trading away showed me that in 3C there had also been a little push back against the WP, I’ll speak to Samson on that one when I go back to hopefully meet up with Merc, maybe he can give me some word on what was happening.

I took a wonder through the Diplomatic Zone at Odu and went by the WP office. Neatly arranged, at one desk they were offering a resettlement programme for people to move to Odu from nearby systems, with promises of employment and opportunities to make a new and more settled life. A concerted effort to re-establish the party as a future hope. Another desk was a lady doing all the party offerings of jobs; diplomatic bags needing to move, bulk cargo runs and the odd task of removing pirates and prison convicts from certain systems. It was a bit early in my return to be getting mixed up with Bounty Hunting for people. Still the work was plentiful if you wanted it and plenty of the peaceful work too.

‘Can we be of help Cmdr?’ said Ms Berry from behind the desk. Of tall and domineering stature, she didn’t look like the kind to be messed with I have to be honest. She has the stare of someone liable to pull out axe given the wrong glance.
‘Hopefully I can help you for the right price’ I replied.
‘I don’t haggle I’m afraid, the offer is set. But they are a good offers all the same. What type of work are you looking for. Quick deliveries or cargo? How about ridding a few pirate raiders for us and making the shipping lanes safer?’
‘Have you anything going the way of 3C? I’m due over there tomorrow anyway.’
‘Not from here but you might like to try Temple, they usually have some diplomatic bags to run to 3C. I have some packages that need taking to 802 though, our HQ is there. Its on the way. Most of our work is available on the Transactions device, but here we also have other more special tasks. But they require some vetting first.’

So HQ is 802 now, I never noticed when I have popped through there over the last few days but I guess you need to hole up somewhere and that wouldn’t be the Asylum for sure. I handed her my ID so she could check me out.
‘Thank you. I see you have done some work for us before, some time ago mind. Your cleared for the packages though if you would like to take them for me.’
At least my name is still good for something I suppose. They are a bit more lose at Temple in just handing stuff out though, which makes you wonder how much they really care over there or if it is anything of any importance really. I doubt it on both counts.
‘Okay. I can drop them off before heading to 3C I suppose. Who’s running 3C now, is that Duta bloke still knocking about?’ Worth a try as she has got no idea who I am really and what I did in the past.
‘Running it? Not that prick, he never was running it. Just the tail of the dog he was, still is I think.’
Nice tongue this lady, obviously not a fan of him. But it does mean that he is still around in some capacity, somewhere. More questions for Samson.
‘Well thanks, I’ll drop these off and go pay a visit. Be seeing you again I dare say.’
‘Please come by again Cmdr. Always welcome’ she says, with no idea how often she might get to see me from here on in. There again she is probably reading up on me right now, now that she knows who I am. Once on file, always on file with Communists!

Next stop, back to 802, again. And then 3C, a good rest and then a chat with Samson as I wait for Merc.
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