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Panda_Citadel / 14 Aug 3305
Message in the bottle

Panda switches off the comm panel after hearing the confirmation of Bava and Tellus shipyards about the delivery of his ships to Ngun.
Thinking about the Python they bought together with her. He wanted it, she seemed excited and that was it. It was bought.

While having some drinks to celebrate she had jumped and told him

"you know I travel a lot, like reaally a lot, right?"

He just smiled and nodded at her, enjoying the spark on her eyes when she starts telling about something she is too excited to keep in.

"yes, so, I was on board of a Belluga with some VIPs and we they had a guy who knows a guy..."

she rolled her eyes and smacked him on his shoulder

"hey pay attention!"

grabbed a pillow from the couch and hugged it with a cute embarrassed look at her face she continued

"well that guy found them a very rare spirit, and they offered it to me"

Panda could imagine how this story could end if he didn't know what kind of girl Amy was.

"it's called Absinthe, from an ancient recipe and you get to eat a sugar cube with it...a sugar cube!"

Panda asked her with a smile then

"well sugar cube, did you enjoy the epsinth and the company at the Belluga?"

Amy stood up and went to her always-packed luggage and continued as if she didn't hear him

"...aaand I happen to have a bottle of the green-devil with me."

pulling the bottle out of the pack and raising it high.
In the sight of the bottle Panda also stood up to have a closer look at it.

"I also know a great mix with this..."

After a couple of hours, they laid next to the large window, looking out to the darkness and passing ships together.

"How should we name her then?" Panda asked. "I'd like to celebrate naming her as well!" holding her closer.

She bit her lip, held his hand and looked into the distance for some time before answering.
When she replied it was a rush of words

"The ship, yes, sure, well….Sazerac!"
“Sazerac? What’s that?”
“ ...it's the name of the mix. So you’ll remember this day"

And the Python was named after the long lost cocktail.

A couple of months later Sazerac was left in a shipyard on Bava.
Amy asked him to leave the ship with her. She told him that she has a surprise for him.

[and she never got to tell me what it was] Panda sighed and took another shot before the final shot. So sleep would come by force.

He woke up to the gentle beep of his comms.

“Your Python has arrived…”

When he made his way to the shipyard he felt as if he got punched to his stomach.
It was his Python alright.
But it had a Pulsating Purple paint job!
When he entered the cockpit he found a note on the dashboard. Sealed for his name.

“I thought Purple would be nice.”
your sugar cube

He stood there without blinking his eyes. Legion officers, technicians were walking past by like a river.

[purple it is then]

It is going to be always about her
Do you like it?

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14 Aug 3305
Message in the bottle
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12 Aug 3305
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