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Openflanker / 19 Aug 3305
Making amazing progress

Boom. Honk. Boom. Honk.

It can feel like this. But it can be so worth it. Like with so many things in life the best way to approach exploration is planning. There are so many wondrous things out in the galaxy to see! I left the ringed planet I visited in my last log entry and set course for Cycladia. I have never seen a ringed Earth-like world and it is absolutely beautiful to behold. I can imagine what it would be like to wake up and walk out into the garden, cup of Joe in hand and see the rings of the planet out there. How amazing that would be!

I settled in for the night on an icy moon and then headed out the next day for Traikaae CH-Y c10. The attraction in this system is the A moon orbiting the gas giant Traikaae CH-Y c10 1. It's called Labrinto due to the labyrinth like terrain. It's coarse and rugged with brutal peaks, deep valleys and is an absolute joy to get right down to and fly in among all the features. I did this for ages and, grudgingly, had to bid it farewell.

The next stop was Thor's Eye. Thor's Eye B is a lovely little black hole and, against the backdrop of the Lagoon Nebula and the Core, it presents the most amazing photo opportunities. I was having so much fun flying around it that I may have inadvertently flown through it. You tell me!

From there I headed through the Lagoon Nebula to Herschel 36. This system has a giant Blue White star that creates an eerie backdrop to the Lagoon Nebula. Well worth the trip. From here I decided to get off the beaten path for a bit and headed 450LY or so straight down. I found some wonderful water worlds and got a first discovery on an Earth like. If you are despairing that you aren't seeing anything then just a little off the path will reward you in unexpected ways.

I am now about 5000LY from where I started and I am loving the trip. I will be docking in the Eagle Nebula soon, maybe I will see you there!
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