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Rex-Cramer / 20 Aug 3305
Taking on crew

When I purchased my first really combat oriented ship, the Krait Mk2, I included a fighter hanger.  While I work on engineering and funding the cost of top quality gear I thought it best to include a wingman.  Two extra hard points and some eyes to cover my six seemed wise.  I stopped in to my favorite dive, Robardin Rock, and took a look at the pilots there.

Kaylen was a mostly harmless pilot that had a story like mine. Spent her early days working for others and looking to branch out on her own and make her way.  I’m a small operation and the high demands in profit share from the more experienced pilots was a bit too much for me.  Kaylen seemed a good candidate.  

After some early mis-steps owing to my lack of experience working with someone else we decided to do a little patrol of the mining regions near Colonia as a proving ground.  As it turned out there was plenty of action.  Kaylen stepped right up as my fighter pilot and I must say that so far her performance has been exceptional.   She has not lost a fighter yet despite us taking on some hard-hitting marks.  She is calm, patient and persistent and helps greatly by putting fire on those shields and opening the can so I can set the cannons to effective work.   In no time she has raised her rank to novice and is well on her way beyond.

I was a little hesitant to take on a co-pilot.  Years out chopping up rocks in the black solo has made me more comfortable alone than in company but Kaylen has been a great addition to the team and well worth her cut of the profits.
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CMDR Rex-Cramer
Freelancer / Explorer
28 Aug 3305
First Voyage of the Firefly.
20 Aug 3305
Taking on crew
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