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Nikonium / 20 Aug 3305
Commitment to the void

Here I go...

Breaking the surface of the still water, poping the bubble.

No more will I just do my thing in silence and try not to create waves around me, too scared to commit to any path because of what may lie behind doors. Not delving deeper into anything, preferring the boundaries of a known universe, rails guiding me, even when the rails are painted as off-road tracks.

All it took was a visit to the first engineer to invite me, she asks for meta-alloys before we start working together. Meta-alloys, heard about it, never thought I would now be looking for the damn thing. Always far of on the horizon : "One day I'll go see the frontier for myself, one day I'll go lend a hand to humanity's efforts against the Thargoids, one day I'll be part of the efforts to push our science into the unknown." All of this talk of "one day" puts the mind at ease and prevents me from actually getting in the action... But no more.

As I flipped a metaphorical coin in my head, I didn't question the result, or rationalized a way out, I just jumped. Plotted a course for deep space, towards the Witch Head, aimed my AspX, and let go.

Now I must embrace this path. Will my determination fail? Will I go back to the comfort of the rails that put bread on the table and does not involve the effort of taking an active role in my life? Only time will tell...
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CMDR Nikonium
Freelancer / Explorer
20 Aug 3305
Commitment to the void
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