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Vincent Dominic / 21 Aug 3305
On the Colonia Connection Highway

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CMDR Vincent Dominic

7:33 August 21 3305


This is two days late and I've already started my journey to Colonia. I got to thank Albert and his crew for their work on my ship. The big girl feels like brand new but at the same time she still feels familiar. She is still not the most engineered ship for a journey like this but I know she will get me there.

I'm a little dissappointed that I didn't get to meet Felicity herself but all my thanks and appreciation really needs to go to Albert and his crew. They've done all the heavy lifting and especially on the test flight, they help get me to where I'am right now.

Albert gave me a parting gift, which really helped me because if I have to be honest here, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm a simple freight pilot and not a born explorer. He programmed the Colonia Connection Highway into my navigational module. I had no idea what this was but apparently it is a list of coordinates of systems that can help me get to Colonia by using this route which connects the Colonia regions with the core systems.

All thanks to his gift, I'm now on my way to the BLU THUA AI-A C14-10 system, where I'm hoping to land at Hillary Depot (to remind myself I'm still human and I need to keep my sanity, incase space madness takes me)
I'm currently sitting idle here at the PIPE (STEM) SECTOR ZU-Y C19 system. I'm about 77 jumps away from my destination.

I'm just going to park my ship here by the system's star and rest for awhile. I haven't taken a shower since leaving Melbourne park in Alioth, just a few jumps earlier. I stopped by quickly to grab the remaining supplies I had in storage, this should last me until I can get a resupply (If I can find a settlement or a station along the way, if I do run low in supplies)

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