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Korz / 21 Aug 3305
Can't sit around, until the evening..

I awoke Tuesday mid morning, I made my way to my kitchen to fire up the coffee maker and have my first cup. Bella, my kitten was over playing on her scratching post. It was around 11:30. I really needed that sleep, I feel like a totally new person.

I pull up the station and system news, see if anything interesting is happening. I then browse over to the galaxy wide news. Still nothing noteworthy.

I cooked up a nice breakfast, and then headed up towards the hangars. I had to have some modules shipped from a few stations away, and wanted to do some outfitting on a couple of my ships.

I am working my way through my tasks and realize that I really need some parts from Elvira, one of the engineers I have work on my ships. So I plot a quick course to her and decide to take my Phantom as it's only 3 jumps in that ship.

I jump over and pick up the parts, then jump right back and park it in the hangar, it took less than 30 minutes for the whole run. But the point was I told myself I wasn't leaving the station today. But I just can't sit around all day when there is stuff I need to be doing. I understand the need to rest and relax and unwind after the pace I have been keeping up. But it needed to get done.

I don't have too much to do, so after arranging the work on the  ships, I take Bella and we go grab some lunch, and then over for a little shopping, she needs a new collar.

I picked out a collar that she seems to like, it has a bell on it which I am not sure I will like when she gets up in the early morning, but we shall see. We head back to the apartment and I decide it's time that Jean found out that I really like cooking. She's had a lunch that I prepared, but never a full dinner.

I take the lift to the local market and pick up the ingredients for one of my own recipes. I send her the message that I would like her to come over to my place for dinner tonight.
I prepare the vegetables, the sear the sausages and prepare the sauce, it's a simple dish, but has amazing taste. When Jean arrives at my place just past 5:30, dinner is almost ready. I pour her a drink and she relaxes at the kitchen counter and watches me as I put the final touches on the meal.

She is impressed that I really know how to cook, and I tell her it's a skill that I picked up from my father and his mother. It's always been a way for me to relax and express myself and I really enjoy cooking.

She compliments me on the dish and after dinner we sit on the couch and enjoy a movie together. We just sit and relax, not really talking, just enjoying time together, it really is nice.

Bella is on the top of the couch wrapped around my neck, Jean is leaning against my chest and all seems right with the galaxy, or at least my part in it.

The movie finishes, and Jean gets up, walks over and picks up her bag and heads into the bathroom. She emerges a few minutes later wearing something that left little to the imagination, and very confidently asserts that she's staying here tonight.

I removed the kitten from my neck, and place her in her bed, then follow Jean to my room.

This morning she was up early and had made omelet's for us both, she said that it was time to take our dating to the next level and hoped that I agreed. I can say that I didn't hesitate in responding in kind. This woman is amazing, nothing to turn me away at all. not the slightest bit unstable and simply a wonderful person. I consider myself lucky to now be in a relationship with her.

Now lets go see what wonders today holds.
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