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Groove U / 23 Aug 3305
002 - Tying the Valorian Knots

And I'm finally back... To the Valorian Glory. She looks stunning today.

As I sit down and start working on my pre-flight checks,
I notice that everything on her feels exactly like the way I left last time.
Can't stop this nostalgia feeling from reaching me, but gotta focus on the goddamn pre-flight checks.
I wonder if I still know how to fly this huge vessel by myself.
We're about to find out now.

I contacted one of my best co-pilots.
Luckily she is still alive and in the business. Bella Pugh is her name.
She is a veteran from CQC arenas, with more victories that I can count.
A very oldschool pilot that could serve me well and pilot my little Taipans if needed.

She is also a heavy drinker and a great person to spend time with.
No matter how competent my crew members are,
I still need to be able to feel comfortable with them roaming around inside my ship. Can't deal with jackasses.

So she sent me some greetings through a holo-message and said she's been based for a while in Medupe City
serving as a first responder to one of Aisling Duval's endless vessel fleets.
She sounded extremely bored, but hesitated for a bit when I said I was back to business and looking for some extra hands.
However, I'm sure that for the right share percentage she will board my ship and work for me again.

I've set a course to Cubeo, where we will have a meeting and discuss some old time adventures.

Now I need to start the engines and get the hell out of this shit hole. Retirement my ass.
Do you like it?

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CMDR Groove U
Diplomat / Special agent
14 Oct 3305
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Groove U
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Groove U
23 Aug 3305
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Groove U
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