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Kissamies / 23 Aug 3305
We Are In Hel

I haven't made a log entry in a while mainly because there haven't been that many interesting developments to report. I have mainly been slaving for Aseveljet and other factions, scanning an outpost there, making a delivery here, fighting a battle... it all sort of blurs together after a while. I have discovered that I usually rather help the faction on my own initiative than by doing missions. Perhaps it's my independent explorer's nature.

Trying to manage the faction has been like herding cats. The expansion from Hakkinoha SiriusGov so graciously allowed us went to LFT 300, not at all where I wanted, though expanding to Zachary Hudson's territory from there is a possibility. Before that, Yimakuapa expanded to Kagudi, which is a very pleasant system in the right direction. I orchestrated and expansion from there and it went to Hel. Still in Li Yong-Rui's territory, but definitely at the border. We may diversify our territory yet. Hel is currently controlled by HFR Corp, which seems to be an active co-op faction that might put up a fight. Could be better to see if another expansion from Kagudi might put us into an easier system.

SiriusGov was more than reasonable for allowing us temporary control of their three bubble system Hakkinoha. I am guessing they usually don't get asked so nicely. All they wanted was to have it returned to corporate control afterwards. We did this, but it was surprisingly hard, as if there was some resistance. I am suspecting rogue elements as work. Some old Aseveljet loyalists outside the standard lines or communications or some well-meaning independents? I'm not sure. The squadron is old and not so well organized and it's partially my fault.

As the faction obligations have eased up, but I was still in overdrive mode, I helped some underdog factions elsewhere a little bit, but I think I've gotten it out of my system now. I think I will slowly withdraw from politics, blow up a few Thargoids at the Witch Head and then perhaps go on a short exploration trip or take a vacation from flying spaceships altogether. The rumors of the upcoming fleet carriers have caused some stirrings, so I will stay a few days longer to see if some old pilots surface and need me to explain the current political landscape.

So for now you may see me in Hel.
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