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AustralianChaos / 26 Aug 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 16

August 26, 3305
Day: 106
Distance from Beagle Point: 57,213.71ly
Distance from Sagittarius A: 17,831.10ly
Distance to Waypoint 15: 0.00ly
Distance to Kunti: 8,148.27ly

This is it. The final waypoint, the final progress marker of my journey. From here, it’s a straight shot back to the Bubble...and back home.

It’s a beautiful system, hidden inside a nebula. An O-class star is one of the few I’ve yet to see on this trip, and the last of the main sequence stars. I have seen one once before, but I honestly forgot just how brilliant and vibrant they are. Truly beautiful...maybe one day I’ll find a ringed earthlike world around one I can retire to. For now though, the ringed earthlike at the neutron star way under the galactic center is my preferred retirement planet.

I will admit that this leg of the journey has seen my patience finally run out. I have stopped doing spectrum scans of the systems I pass through. I’m now simply using my discovery scanner as I scoop fuel, and then quickly jumping to the next system. I’ve already make nearly a billion credits on this voyage, and even just scanning the stars on these last legs should be enough to break that milestone anyway. I’ve made the trip, broken records, and earned a massive amount of credits. Now I’m just eager to get home, put my feet up, and rest for a good week or two at least, while I catch up with friends.

Speaking of friends, my long range comms once more came in real handy, as I got word that a friend of mine has recently registered with the Pilot’s Federation and passed his initial exams to qualify as an independent pilot. I spent much of my travels today talking with CMDR Piecey, helping coach him on the basics of flying and getting his Sidewinder rigged to start making him some small credits. Once I’m home I’ll hopefully be able to help him more directly, but he’s doing well so far. Definitely has the makings of an Elite pilot.

For now, though, I will rest bathed in the star’s brilliant blue light, and tomorrow set off for home. With my new, more direct and faster approach, there is hope that I might even be able to make it all the way home tomorrow! To think it’s almost over...after all this time and distance, I’ve almost made the biggest exploration feat most pilots could ever achieve in our lifetime. To come from being a lost, broke man selling himself to Imperial slavery a few years ago, to now being a billionaire independent pilot with the whole galaxy at my feet...it’s a surreal feeling, but a wonderful one, for sure!

Have the drinks cooled and the party room at the pub reserved for me, guys, I’m almost there!

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
26/08/3305 1100
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