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Korz / 26 Aug 3305
Running myself ragged

I close my eyes and try to slow my brain down so that I can get to sleep. But not sure that's going to be possible, it's been so busy this past week. I've kept myself on the move far more than I should, but I want to get stuff done. I have engaged several new engineers this week, and they all have their own weird requirements to work with me. Strange lot but the good they do for my ships cannot be overstated.

I am laying on my back, Jean is resting her head on my chest and Bella is laying on my pillow next to my head. There has just been so much going on, and my new lifestyle as a commander is a very mobile one, I find myself on overnight trips around the bubble all the time, and I go station to station sometimes for many more hours in a day than I should.

But I am building a relationship as well, and being home at the station is important so that Jean and I get time together. So I have to make it a point to be home as much as possible on what seems like a regular schedule, so I get a lot crammed into the daytime.

Jean is asleep now and I am trying to make put it all in perspective. I have been upgrading my ships, then testing them by doing some bounty hunting and even went into combat for one of the local factions to see how "Syren" performed. I guess I have been at it more than I realized because I was recently promoted to Expert in combat by the pilots federation.

My focus has been quite sharp, which is good because it switches to several different items each day. But it is all being handled and nothing left out.

I don't have a regular training schedule like I used to so I am going to change that and get myself back in the gym to keep myself in shape. and I will try and keep my flight time to safe levels.

It will benefit me greatly to spend as much reliable time with Jean as I can. I need to treat my flight time as a business, open only certain hours, it's not like I need the money. I could never make another credit, and I have enough to live very comfortably for a few lifetimes.

I will take Monday off from flying and get some stuff done around the station and to take Bella into the groomers for a bath. She's a slightly dirty space kitty after roaming in the engineering section of the python. A bit later this week I have appointments with new engineers to get my ships combat edge sharpened even more.

I think I have a good grasp on all of this, and things just keep getting better, this afternoon, my good friend Ronin and his wife moved into the station. This is nice as now I have friends here in addition to the amazing woman I am dating. I think I will invite my friends over for dinner on Monday to get everyone together and see how they get along.

I start to drift off to sleep, tomorrow will be a much needed rest, but Tuesday I'll be back in the black getting it done.
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