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AustralianChaos / 27 Aug 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 17 (Final)

August 27, 3305
Day: 107
Distance from Beagle Point: 65,284.89ly
Distance from Sagittarius A: 25,904.14ly
Distance to Kunti: 0.00ly

I’ve made it! It’s over, I’m home! At long last, the most incredible, arduous, amazing voyage is over and done! I’ve spent the last few hours happily celebrating with friends and fellow Commanders, enjoying drinks and food I haven’t been able to enjoy for months.

It was a fun arrival, with CMDRs Cerealkiller and Piecey both waiting at Hughes Enterprise to welcome me home. I’m sure we gave the flight controllers at the station a bit of a headache as we danced around each other near the mailslot, celebrating my return and generally just goofing around. But we broke it up before too long, and with docking permission, I touched down at long last, safe and sound.

What an amazing journey it’s been. I have been to the far side of the galaxy...and even beyond...and back again. I have seen some incredible wonders of the cosmos. I have skimmed stars, cruised through nebulae, and tumbled through the jets of countless neutron stars. I’ve dived to the event horizon of a black hole, passed by almost every classification of planet and star we know of, and travelled to the very frontiers of human colonisation in this galaxy. I have seen more of this universe than any single living creature has any right to see, really...and yet this is all just a tiny, insignificant fraction of the universe as a whole.

And through it all, my little Dolphin, StarNova, has endured the marathon voyage like a champion. Barring the occasional technical glitch, she has run about as well as can be expected. The poor girl's in a sorry looking state, as the photos have attested, but the fact the she is still in one piece is incredible, and as a mark of her strength under such stress, I intend to let her wear the scuffs and scars of the voyage for a while, a proud display of what she was endured and survived. I have a lot of ships that I use for my work around the Bubble, but the StarNova is MY ship, the one I fly when I have nothing to do but cruise around and see the sights. And after this voyage, I think she always will be. I don't think I could ever replace her now, or see another take over as my daily drive. It wouldn't feel right after all this.

Along the way across the galaxy, my trip has built up some incredible statistics. So along with some old images from my voyage, I have a few of these stats and factoids listed below:

107 days since leaving Kunti. Just a fraction over 15 weeks, or roughly 3 and a half months.

1,881 system jumps recorded. Accounting for some doubling back, translates to approximately 1,800 systems visited over the course of the journey, with about 1,500 of those fully spectrum scanned, and any terraformable, water, ammonia, and earthlike worlds within surface scanned.

144,916 light years travelled, according to straight-line distance between the waypoint markers. Accounting for navigational deviation in course plotting, especially in The Abyss, total distance travelled can be assumed to be in the realm of 150,000 light years.

15 Earthlike worlds discovered. Many previously discovered, one previously found by myself, and another visited as a specific detour.

1,055,795,849 credit profit from cartography data and a few small bounties and missions in Colonia. Accounting for the 110 million credit cost of the Krait Mk II, including outfitting it, and a few other minor expenses here and there, this comes to total earnings from the trip at roughly 1.3 billion credits!

All in all, it’s been an eye-opening, mind-boggling, and possibly life-changing experience of a voyage. But now it’s over...I’m home, and tonight I get to sleep in my familiar bed at Hughes, happily lazing under the centrifugal gravity of the station. I plan to take a long break, maybe hang up the pilot helmet for a few weeks or months, so this will be the last you hear of me for some time. I may start a new logbook series for some other adventures in the future, maybe not, we’ll see. But for now, I could use a break.

Thank you to everyone who followed along on my voyage through this logbooks. I hope you have enjoyed them. I know I’ve certainly enjoyed writing them as I’ve travelled across our tiny corner of the cosmos.

o7 Commanders, and good luck to all pilots out there, whatever you may be doing!

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off and shutting down.
27/08/3305 1200
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