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Karellan Clarke / 27 Aug 3305
8 Month Recap / Part 2

Personal Log / 8 month Recap (Part 2)

With the EMPIRE’s goons at my back I decided to try my luck in the FEDERAL navy. Surprisingly my past allegiance to the EMPIRE was never even questioned. Given my limited skills I was offered a choice between extremely risky, time consuming assassination missions or simple data courier tasks. I was stunned to discover that it was possible to achieve the rank of Admiral in the FEDERATION by acting as nothing more then a glorified errand boy. Suffice to say that my faith in this institution was shot and as soon as I reached Chief Petty Officer I bought a FAS and sought to train my combat skills elsewhere.

In the following weeks I often found myself at resource extraction sites hunting a seemingly never ending supply of good-for-nothing scoundrels, thieves and pirates. Easy pickings mostly - just don't ask yourself where they all come from. Once I got sick of flying around the stoids I sought out nearby systems at war or in civil conflict. It is in these places that you may run into some actual competition. Last time I took sides in a conflict zone a bloody capital ship appeared and my newly found compatriots had the nerve to ask me to deal with it. Ha! I am a mercenary, not a martyr.

My most memorable experience in a CZ turned out to be one of my first. I had recently engineered my new Alliance Chieftain (C.S.S. Smeller) and wanted to put it to the test. After picking sides against the EMPIRE, I found an enemy ship separating itself from the pack to recharge its shields...nice try, I closed in and started firing. Soon I realized two valuable lessons. Firstly, overcharged power plants, plasma accelerators and no heat sinks are a nasty combination. Secondly, always check your radar carefully, because as it turned out I had attacked a fellow member of the Pilots Federation.

At first the battle was going OK, even though my ship was slowly frying. I had brought him below 50% hull when disaster struck and a third important lesson was learned. Use MRP’s on Chieftain’s because once your shields go down those thrusters are easy targets...

I was done for, tumbling helplessly through space just waiting for the end. Yet instead of finishing me off, my rival decided to toy with me by repeatedly ramming my cockpit as I spiraled out of control. At first I laughed at the humiliation, this was well deserved, but then I remembered the reboot button...just maybe. At less then 10% hull I waited for one more pass and then I immediately hit the button. After 10 excruciating seconds I found that my thrusters were back online! I boosted out of there before he reached me and escaped into Supercruise. A close one…but it is often through your failures that you learn the most.

Since then I have generally avoided combat with other PF members, but this may change once my ships are fully (and properly!) upgraded. The THARGOIDS are next on the list. Right now though my favorite locations for a fight require a bit of hunting as they are not marked in most data bases.

I look for a large inhabited system and search for orbiting research centers or governmental installations. After dropping out of Supercruise I lie in wait for an incoming raid which may coincidentally coincide itself with my appearance. Its great fun to battle around and through these facilities. But if luck doesn’t smile on me I do take the opportunity to scan the location and practice some flying. These are the perfect places to train your FA off skills and…oh poor Tundi, if only I had taken piloting more seriously before…  

Part 3 to follow
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CMDR Karellan Clarke
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06 Sep 3305
8 Month Recap / Part 3
Karellan Clarke
27 Aug 3305
8 Month Recap / Part 2
Karellan Clarke
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