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Korz / 29 Aug 3305
finesse and my distinct lack thereof

My cigar fills my nose with the smoke coming off of the burning end, that's the only part of smoking these things I don't like. I take a sip of my drink and my mind goes back to analyzing my recent engagements.

My flying style, it has to be my flying style, always play to your strengths. I have been flying my tank of a heavily armored python in combat for a while now. I have taken many ships with it. It plays to my style, brutish, slug it out and trade punches with the best of them.

That style works for me as it is how I fight. This is OK, in the python. But a few days ago I purchases a Fer-de-Lance and that it a totally different beast.

Féroce as I have named her, is a finicky girl, she does not respond well to yank and bank flying, and trading punches with powerful ships. This is causing me to realize my weaknesses as a pilot.

Jean senses my quite contemplation and doesn't say anything, just sits behind me on the couch and rubs my shoulders. I have taken on everything from eagles to anacondas in the FDL already and have come out on the right side of the fight. But the ship continues to show me that she has so much more to offer than I am getting out of her.

She likes smooth inputs, wants to stay in the sweet zone on the throttle to maneuver just right, and she slides hard out of quick turns. The ship is one of the most capable there is, the only heavy fighter to offer a class 4 hardpoint. She is fast, and nimble, but like a woman, has to be treated just right.

I know where I need to improve, the ship is fine, she is engineered to the razors edge for combat, I however have a long way to go to get to that edge.

It means training, time spent running drills that will teach me finesse and how to get the most out of her abilities. I know I need to practice, on basics with her, turns, tracking and the like, I need to go back to the basics they taught us when we were going through flight school on the Condor single lite fighters.

I know that doing this and altering my fighting style to one of skill and finesse will benefit me greatly even in my big, heavily armored ships.

This weekend I decide will start my skills practice, followed by some time doing some bounty hunting, to evaluate how I am doing with changing how I view a ship to ship fight.

My mind now far more settled, I seem to come back to the hear and now in a nice calm manner, and my deep contemplation subsided as I take pleasure in what now become a gentle back scratching from Jean, nothing relaxes me more than that, and now I will be able to go to sleep tonight with my mind at ease, made up and determined to strengthen my weaknesses and become a better combat pilot.

Now on to the FDL, the Féroce is one well appointed ship, she can only crew two and the cabins are absolutely gorgeous and so very comfortable, the galley and lounge are just extravagant and the cockpit amazing. Bella loves the really far reaching canopy. she likes to go lay down at the front as she has a great view outside and still has a corner to curl up in when she want's to take a nap (which is most of the time).

It's a lethal beauty and a lot of fun to fly.

Jean wants to see what I do, so she will be coming over Friday night and for the whole weekend, she want's to fly with me to see the various things that I have been doing. There will all sorts of stuff for her to see, but I am not sure how she will handle combat, that breaks a person down to their base fears if they haven't faced it before. But she want's to bounty hunt with me, so we shall see how it goes. Either way, dinner each night at the station and then relax and enjoy each others company until time to fly again.
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