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Karellan Clarke / 06 Sep 3305
8 Month Recap / Part 3

Personal Log / 8 month Recap (Part 3)

My misadventures throughout the galaxy had left my assets scattered. I had reached that pivotal period in a CMDR’s career; it was time to find a home. It seemed a simple task, fortunately I had yet to grow tired of being wrong. At minimum I needed a location that provided combat opportunities, LI YONG prices and vast, pristine mining reserves.

Eventually I dropped into a system on the periphery of the bubble that appeared to fit the profile: KULICI. Yet there was one thing about it that wasn’t encouraging; it was controlled by the absurdly named, LATE NIGHT MURDER HOBOS. After docking at ARAKI VISION I was surprised to see that the LNMH's were a democratic faction who had strong approval ratings. Good enough I thought. A choice that in hindsight may have been influenced more by impatience then ethics.

Actually it was only very recently that I discovered the true nature of the LNMH. Now I have to determine whether to repeat this process…

After relocating my fleet I headed out to the rings of KULICI for some VOID OPAL mining. This proved extremely profitable. Soon I had the funds to purchase two vessels I had long coveted; a Krait MII (C.E. Donkey Balls) and a Fer-de-Lance (U.S.S. Spankster).

I installed a hangar with an SFL on the Krait, then headed out to a RES for testing. There I chalked one more error up on the ever growing list. Either the SLF or the Krait would be virtually useless without a crewman onboard. As someone that craves solitude I was reluctant to hire support, I also did not appreciate its cut into my rank and credits, but if I wanted to use that SLF I had little choice.

After reviewing the pilot applications at ARAKI VISION I settled on the homely Mr. Van Dunn. In retrospect I have to admit that we have had some fun out there. It may be true that he is a talentless simpleton, but that big bag of spaceweed he brought with him more than made up for his shortcomings.

Prompted by recent THARGOID incursions I made it my next goal to unlock several key GUARDIAN technologies. After consulting the codex I headed out to Synuefe NL-N C23-4 and discovered that I wasn't the only one with GUARDIAN techs on my mind. In fact I don’t recall ever encountering so many CMDRs.

As I landed at my first stop I was greeted by SNERT who immediately ‘booed’ me before scampering off. After some other innocuous interactions, a new CMDR arrived who slipped me the veiled insult, ‘LBR’. An archaic acronym, but appropriate enough. By the time I had the materials for the FSD booster, Shield Reinforcements and both Gauss Canons I had grown tired of downing skimmers and charging pylons, so I decided to move on.

Rumor had it that there were vast crystalline forests in the HIP 36601 system, so I ventured out there instead for some high grade farming. After finally arriving I opened the system map to see that my actual destination was HIP 36601c, whose planets were over 150,000ls away…really I should have expected this. Breathe deeply, line up trajectory, increase throttle, boil water, grab pipe…

Conclusion to follow
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CMDR Karellan Clarke
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06 Sep 3305
8 Month Recap / Part 3
Karellan Clarke
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8 Month Recap / Part 2
Karellan Clarke
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