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Ithilin / 01 Sep 3305
Oh, so that's what that button does

Second-hand ships: always make sure the manual's still stowed behind the seat before you seal the deal.

OK, so I finally found the pilot's log recorder. I probably should've gone looking for that before the trip to Colonia, if only to bore the reader with musings on what names to give all the planets I mapped (only a mere 80% were obscene).

I am currently 20 thousand lightyears from home, on the return leg of a journey which got extended a few times. Original plan was to meet a contact out in Tir, and since I was crossing 22KLY of vacuum lightly dusted with stars and planets I figured I'd pin my name on a few. Dozen. So that hop took a couple of weeks.

Since I was nearer the Core I decided to visit Sagittarius A*, if only because everyone else has, and there's even a neutron bus lane most of the way there. Then to the Great Annihilator, because with a name like that how can it not be impressive?

Note to self: Black Holes are actually kinda boring to look at. Neutron stars? Way prettier.

Now I'm headed back to the Bubble, slowly. Currently sat in an ice ring, stalking the wiley void opal with a seismic charge launcher, because a virgin ice ring is a rare thing back home.

Dancing around icebergs in a 'Conda is fuuuuuuun...
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