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Korz / 02 Sep 3305
What a weekend

I lit the candle on the table, dinner all set out just as Jean entered the hangar. There right next to my new Fer De Lance, a table, chairs, a fully prepared dinner and all, in the hangar. She let out a laugh and sat down and we ate. As she has never been in combat before I asked her repeatedly if she was sure she was ok going out on a bounty hunting session with me. She assured me she was both sure and excited to go.

We finished our dinner and I gave her the tour of the FDL, it's a beautiful ship with a crazy luxurious interior. We settled into the seats on the bridge and I departed the station, set the navacomputer for the beacon and we headed off in super cruise.

We arrive at the beacon a couple of minutes later and I drop into regular space. Immediately I begin scanning ships, not much here at the moment, a few Sirius Security ships and a bunch of cargo vessels, I consider it my job to help protect those ships, so I scan them to get to know who they are. If they call for help I come with weapons bristling.

A couple of minutes later I get the first wanted ship on my scope, I scan it with the kill warrant scanner as well. It's a Krait MkII and the pilot is rated as Master, so this could be a bit of fun, I deploy weapons and line up the first shot with the class 4 plasma accelerator. Once I'm in position, I squeeze the trigger and the shot lands solidly on top of his ship tearing through most of his shields, he slows and starts to pitch up, I land a second plasma shot and he shields and 30% of his hull are now down. I engage the multi cannons and burst lasers and make finish off his ship before he can turn on me. His MkII explodes relatively close the the FDL and Jean lets out a squeal of delight at the successful outcome of the fight.

System authorities arrive which is always great as they are the only backup a solo bounty hunter gets. We work through the more dangerous ships and pilots that show up as wanted.

We keep at if for the next 45 minutes and then the system authority is seen engaging a short distance from us, they are all flying vipers and eagles and they have engaged an Anaconda with a pilot rated as Dangerous. I boost towards them, line up my shot and manage to land 3 plasma shots in a row right dead center. I get the pulse lasers and multi cannons going on him as well and in no time his shields are down, so now to work on getting through the tank of a hull on the anaconda. The mighty ship turns it's attention to my FDL as the Féroce is the highest threat to the anaconda.

The FDL is maneuverable enough that I keep his arc of fire off of my ship most of the time. When I can't, these amazing shields hold up perfectly. It takes me a minute to degrade his armor enough to start doing real damage. He senses what's happening and begins to jump, but it's too late, his hull is down, his ship explodes seconds before he could jump. Turns out the bounty on his head was quite large.

The whole time, Jean is over calling out what she's seeing to help my situational awareness, she's a natural. She was having the time of her life.

I am running low on ammo for the plasma accelerator and the multi cannons, I have claims on over 1 million in bounties. We retract the weapons and nav lock back on Ray Gateway, I kick it into super cruise and we are on our way home. She cannot stop going on about how much fun that was and that she's never had so much excitement in hew whole life. You could tell the adrenaline was coursing through her body.

We docked the Féroce and I had Astra begin post flight checks and shut downs. Jean is still going on about the whole experience. I gather up Bella and we head to the airlock, Jean gets there first and suddenly locks out the exterior door, then the interior door, she takes Bella from my hands and goes and sets her down in her bed, two seconds later she attacks me, just jumps up on me wraps her legs around me and kisses me like never before.

We didn't make it off the ship until Saturday morning, the excitement of combat had turned Jean on to such a super excited state that I am lucky to have survived.

We switch hangars and man up my Python "Achille's Spear" We run a few very high paying cargo runs to LaPlace Ring in Balante. It'f fairly routine stuff, we then head off for some engineering appointments I had made. Again nothing so exciting. Later after we stopped for lunch at Tsibliyev Terminal, Jean asked if we were going to be doing any more bounty hunting. After her reaction last night, of course we are.

We arrive back at Ray Gateway and we switch over the "Syren" my fully engineered combat python. We accept a mission from one of the local factions to eliminate 15 pirates from Balante Jet Posse faction over in Balante. We jump over to the nav beacon and the place is crawling with these low life thieves.

Syren doesn't take long to cure all of their ill's and remove all worries of this galactic life from them. We return to Ray Gateway and we are paid handsomely for the work performed.

Sunday starts with us going out mining in Achille's Spear along with my buddy Ronin, I am teaching him to mine now that he and Della have moved to Ray Gateway. We spend the day out mining void opals and some low temp diamonds.

Much to Ronin's surprise, I give him all of my stock of opals and diamonds so that he can jump start his life in Diaguandri. He ends up with a payout over 96 million credits.

As we get back and meet up with Della again, I pull her to the side and whisper something to her. This is going to be fun.

Jean and I head to my apartment to get ready for dinner, we have reservations at the Avia Bistro, the nicest place in the swankiest part of the station. We are getting together with Ronin and Della for dinner. We step into the private lift for the Bistro, Jean is in a red dress that is cut really low in the front, one that requires a lot of self confidence to wear, but she has that in droves. As we step up to the host station, everyone stops and stares in stunned silence at the beautiful figure before them in red.

We are escorted to our table and order our drinks, no more flying today, so Lavian brandy it is. We order the appetizer and then I spring my surprise on her, and Della her surprise on Ronin, We have purchased side by side apartments right here in Avia. 3200 sq foot units on the 96th floor. We now live in the most exclusive part of the station. We head down after dinner to the hangar level and I pull Ronin inside of the Delacy sales office, he has one more bit of business and we let the girls head off for some shopping.

We sit down with Sam, my sales agent and Ronin specs out a new Python, she will be set up for mining. Now that he knows how to do it, lets go out and make some serious money.

We leave the sales office, his python will be ready on Monday, we go to head up to our new apartments, but Ronin goes the wrong direction, it's a been a long day. I call over to him, "Hey cowboy, where you going? Home's this way my man."

The four of us climb into the residential lift for Avia and I put in my code, we step out into a beautifully appointed hallway with custom vases and artwork on the walls, the marble floors and simply beautiful. Our front door are about 75 feet apart. though we are next door neighbors. There are only 4 units per floor here, each unit is a corner unit.

Ronin and Della walk into their new place and Jean and I into mine. If things keep going this direction with Jean, it's won't be too long before this is "our" place and not "my" place and I am ok with that.
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