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Ithilin / 04 Sep 3305
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Because everywhere's got someone's name on it.

You know what I mean. It was probably last 'known' two hundred years ago when someone went for a joyride in someone else's shiny new recently-stolen Cobra and was enthralled by the scanner controls. No one's going to be interested in building anything out here for a while though, and even five hundred lightyears from population UC still pay for confirmation that Thargoids haven't eaten any of the desolate snowballs floating around out here.

Thargoids. Now that's something of which I have no experience, yet. Yet. But the Void Ennui is setting in.

I've been really lucky. Getting drafted for a war which eventually never happened is one of the easier ways to enter training for a pilot's licence, if you ignore the emotional rollercoaster. With the licence, and the retroactive 'didn't happen' of the draft, I answered Opportunity's knock and found something to do with my new skills.

And discovered that combat is a hell of a lot of fun, until you see the faces.

About a hundred pirate bounties and only two instances of betting-my-life-on-Remlok later, I got kind of bored of that too.

Trading. Well, it's different. I saw a few hundred lightyears of the Bubble in between the screens and screens of market data. Might be what triggered the wanderlust.

Mining. Sticking bombs to large rocks with the timers ticking never really gets old for me, but it doesn't totally satisfy either. Still, it paid for an Anaconda and some really nice equipment, and I won't have to worry about the basics of life for a few millennia at least.

Exploring. Here we are, after about seventy thousand lightyears of travel and first dibs on a few thousand objects in space. Let's be honest: most things kinda look the same after a while. It is nice to see a little Earthlike occasionally. I even saw one which looked like home. But that's depressing too; the damn things are rare as hell and I can still find one, in my short human life, which looks that much like the one which birthed me personally.
Wonder where Mum and Dad are now. Should probably have sent a postcard or something.

Anyway, when I get back, I'm fitting out for combat exploration. I want to see some Thargoids and stuff.

And if I live through it? Probably the Thargoid didn't.
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