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Zoq / 05 Sep 3305
Peach and the Princess

Hi, I'm Margot and I'm the princess.  It's stupid, really.  I'm already sort of the black sheep of the family and I'm so far down the line in succession it doesn't even matter.  Our "kingdom" is just a dim little star, some rocks, and a rickety old station.  I can't emphasize enough how little my title means.  On top of that it can be quite the liability.  People just assume it means you have money which makes you a target.  It allows you to get yourself into situations you might not be able to get back out of if you're not backed by the power and money generally associated with actual royalty.  What's funny is... when Peach found me I was being held at a facility that housed its captives in a spire-like structure that rose hundreds of feet from the planet's surface.  She literally rescued me from a tower!

Peach is a business woman.  I honestly don't know what she does but it involves many private sessions with discreet, extremely wealthy, clients.  You probably have immediate speculation on what those sessions entail but my advice would be to mind your own business.  Peach is endlessly sweet and patient but she can be terrifying when offended.  I started off as her pilot and bodyguard, which didn't make a ton of sense to me considering I'm not particularly skilled at either, but it quickly developed into something more.  Now I can't really imagine a life without her.

She thinks it will good for me to record my thoughts here.  Work through some of the things that happened before we met.  Find wisdom through the words of other CMDRs.

We'll see.

Space Princess Margot, signing off.
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