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Alexander Rozhenko / 09 Sep 3305
Personal Log - 1 - 9 September 3305

Well, here it is...my first ever log.

Never have been one to write things down but since I made the big decision to head out into the void, thought it might be something to keep me busy from time to time.

It's been four years since I stepped into that crusty old Sidewinder. Actually, I'm still kinda attached to it and kept it all this time - renamed Ole Faithful and keep it in the back of the hanger at Aleksandrov Gateway in LHS 115, home base. I've worked all over the local bubble, hiring myself out to whoever had something to offer, or just doing what seemed fun at the time. Got me a little fleet with a couple of big ships like the Federal Corvette I dubbed Veridian. I've hauled cargo, hunted pirates and even bagged myself a few Thargoids, the fun way - in a little Imperial Courier, the Sciaridae. But things have gotten a little too...mundane of late. Think I need to try something different.

Haven't done much exploring - Elite rank in exploration was something I tripped over while collecting Guardian artifacts for that Ram Tah guy a while back, it's not like I set out to be some great explorer. Biggest trip I ever did was a tad over 5,000 light years doing some sight seeing over near the Rosetta Nebula about 2 years back. So, I got to thinking. Maybe it's time I refitted Argo II and go do some real exploring. I've got a lot of use out of the old Asp Explorer over the years because it's been so good at making those long trips seem that little bit shorter. I don't wanna do anything super touristy like visit Sag A. Seems like every man and his dog is doing that these days. Nah, I'll see if I can find somewhere a little lonelier, more...off the beaten track so to speak.

There are still a few voids out there in this big ole galaxy.

Did a little research. Seems there's what looks like a bit of a gap or two over on the border of the Norma Expanse and Hawking's Gap regions. Of course that's probably got something to do with the fact the stars are less bunched together over there. But there's a good chance there are places no-one's ever been out there so I might go put my stamp on a few systems and see if I can find something...memorable.

So, I've given the Argo II a fresh coat of matte black and she's all gassed up and as light as I can get her without giving up too many luxuries. Jump range just about touching 65 light years. If I need any more than that, i'll just add a little jumponium into the mix, hehe. Got a buggy, cameras, plenty of memory chips, original synth potato chips and even a case of real deal Aberlour A'Bunadh Batch 1,332 which I picked up on a recent run back to planet Earth, just to keep me warm on those cold nights in the black.

So here I go...off into the black...for real this time.

Course laid in Commander...engage!

Do you like it?

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