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Ted Buckland / 08 Sep 3305
Dear Diary

The new Gamepad arrived, yay ! OMG, this is so much better than trying to move a SRV around with your keyboard and mouse ... totally worth the 30-ish bucks.

Setting it up was not so much of a hassle like i expected it to be, trial and error helped ... the 'opinion amplifier' did not call me a lot of times. BTW: SRV are kind of nimble aren't they .. sometims they even see a small stone and they already keel over. Or once i manage to to be airborn beforehead, and only slightly touching it with one wheel, the everything spins once i land again. I am quite sure it has something to do with the gravity on the planet ... have to check that.

Getting used to that though ... as well as to the synthesising for repairs ... at least now i have an idea what to do with that iron and nickel. Even found me some sulphur to make ... fuel i guess it was.

Funny stuff while making the first 2*20 kilometers in the SRV:
Landed at a planetary base, boarded the SRV, was ejected ... then made my way to try and collect some stuff. Tried to deliberatly use installations that showed like being on the daylight side of their respective planets ... only to find out two out of two were pitch black upon arrival. Seems like the best plans sometimes fail...

First attempt yielded lots and lots of condrite thingies. Got a lot of tickets because i happened to be still in the no fire zone around the installation i landed at, but ok, i gladly paid those. Even found a bunch of cans rolling over the floor, guarded by a few drones. Picked up some cans and left. Made my way back later ... even thought about requesting docking access again, just in case ... then i tried to find the spot where i have to go to board my ship again.
The sequence went like this: find a pad, go there, get a fee for loitering, leaving, find the next pad ... you get the picture.

Finally arrived at some place looking like a garage, and BAM, i was able to board my ship. Really would love to know how to actually find those though... other than by accident. because those installations seem to be rather big and i lost my way a lot of times.

Later on, on another planet in shinrarta blabla i landed again at an installation and boarded the SRV again. Totally different than before ... except being as pitch black as the first one ... went 20 km out only to find one meteor ... and some odd thing too: a NPC ship floating approximatly 50 feet above ground, doing exactly nothing. Made hell of a noise on my wave scanner though ... half an hour later on my way back i found the same thing again, in the same spot ... still just sitting there. Got some stuff from targetting it. What it actually is doing there ? Beats me, i have no idea.

But, bottom line, driving around in a SRV with a gamepad is lots of fun. I am taking a bay and a SRV with me for sure on my next exploration trip. I still need to find a lot of different materials on some planets in order to pimp my FSD and some other stuff. Which requires me to unlock a lot more engineers ... so there will be some time spent before i will go on my next expolation trip.

Still uncertain wether it is going to be an anaconda, a krait something, or maybe a python. Dunno yet. Watching some videos i am not sure i like the cockpit view from an anaconda, looked like driving a jaguar with an endless engine hood ... but sitting in an abrahams tank looking outside from a tiny porthole. Whatever it will be, it certainly is going to have an SRV though.

Next thing will be to manually dock, and then the free floating camera.
Do you like it?

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Dear Diary
Ted Buckland
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08 Sep 3305
Dear Diary
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Dear Diary
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