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Haelnorr / 08 Sep 3305
Defeat will only make us stronger

The past week has seen eventful times. Two ongoing wars became three as the Angels of Death began a conflict to strengthen our grip on the system of Raksha. The resident faction still latches on to two of the four major stations, and the outcome of the war will determine who really is the dominant faction. I have no doubt we will prevail, and we will snatch Boswell Station from the grasp of Union of Raksha Labour.

But it is on the outskirts of AOD space that we saw heroic efforts against us; an unknown force fighting to prevent us tightening our grip on the system, and further loosen our influence.
45 Theta Ceti became a battleground. Dozens of pilots from AOD flew in to answer the call-to-arms. Nearing the final days, the conflict was close; and on the final day before the ceasefire was called and the victor announced, it was still undecided.

It was all hands on deck. Hundreds of enemy combatants were destroyed, and dozens of battles won. Yet the silent hand working to undo our efforts struck hard, and our control of Bhabha Gateway was lost.

A stinging blow it was, but there is no time for our step to falter. The war in Ngerisan was won, and in Raksha the scales tip in our favour. There is still lots of work to be done! We must regroup and consolidate our efforts; and to whomever fights against the interests of the Angels of Death, let it be known:
Do not underestimate us.
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CMDR Haelnorr
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