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Pixiefloof / 09 Sep 3305
57 Jumps to Go

Always something new to be seen, each jump taking us closer to something and further from others. New mysteries and awesome sights to behold in almost every system. But, in the end, there's always something old lingering around, unflinching.

Back during my party days, we'd call that the impending hangover that was sure to hit in the morning. Well, that is if you stopped drinking long enough to even get one, usually it was just onto the next and eventually sleep would take you. But, even with that, sleep was always inevitable and inescapable.

I'm only 57 jumps from what's become my home for a the past few months and that word, inevitable, has come up a lot during this trip. It's kind of everything when you get down to it. Though, I suppose the one thing that truly is such is the vastness of the black. The ever reaching expanse. We know how far to the edges of our galaxy, but what about beyond that? See, it's inevitable that there's more. We just haven't figured out how to get there, but I'm sure it'll happen.

Just like those hangovers that I still nurse from time to time...
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CMDR Pixiefloof
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09 Sep 3305
57 Jumps to Go
07 Sep 3305
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