Logbook entry

Zoq / 09 Sep 3305
The best large ship for mining

I've been switching back and forth between Peach's Cutter and her Corvette for mining.  The cutter has such vast holds and the acceleration is great.  The corvette has a bigger distributor, and turns better.  For days I've been taking them out, testing, modifying the layouts... trying to create the most efficient machine.  It was starting to eat at me.

Peach saw me struggling and intervened.  She cleared my schedule for the next morning and had me meet her at the hanger.  Upon arrival I saw Peach Plush, her Beluga, on the pad.  What was she up to?  She hurried me to the bridge where she strapped me into the pilot's seat and blindfolded me.  ( )  I heard and felt the Frame shift drive activate a few times before she finally took the blindfold off.  We were in an asteroid field.  Borann A2 where I've been running my tests on the other ships.  The hardpoints were deployed and... fucking mining lasers?  Really?  She warmly put her hand on my shoulder and said,  "Trust me."  So I gave it a shot.

The know this is subjective but... the Beluga is just better to fly.  This point was hammered home by how much time I've been spending in those other ships.   Plush just danced around those rocks.  I think what Peach was showing me is that... the Beluga is only less efficient if you don't attach value to pleasure or comfort.  Like... the fact that it's smaller just means you finish earlier; which affords more time in that opulent luxury cabin with your incredible partner among all those glittering spinning asteroids.    I think she's made a believer out of me.

Out of all the ways you fly...  don't forget to fly beautifully from time to time.

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