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Cluster Fox / 09 Sep 3305
Deciat corruption

[Cluster Fox Log - 9 Sept 3305]

Yesterday, I needed a few things from Felicity Farseer in Deciat. Last time I paid her a visit, I had to go twice since my Asp got blew up by one of those psychopaths roaming free in supercruise.
I jump in that "High Security" system, this time I'm in my engineered combat Federal Corvette. After about 2 minutes in supercruise, one of those psychos, an Imperial Cutter, decides to interdict me. He's one of those CMDRs who preys on the vulnerable new pilots, why he wants to pick a fight with me I still don't know since he never said a word.

I submit to the interdiction and right away, face him and deploy hardpoints. Full pips to shields. Intimidation might work, I made it clear I'll bite back and I'm not new to this. He fires the first shot, an FSD rebooting Dumbfire, fair enough. I fire back and land a couple plasma hits. System security shows up, late and weak. I sustain my fire and with good pip management my shields are holding up to each one of his hits while he's quickly grinding through his cell banks. With about 30% shield left, he faces me, boosts past and low wakes away like a little dog with his tail between his legs. I chase him in supercruise but he quickly high wakes away to lick his wounds.

My corvette held fine as I expected, but what is the matter with the security forces in Deciat ! Are they getting paid to turn a blind eye? Did they simply give up on those psychopaths or are they incompetent to the point of being unable to keep the peace ?

I strongly consider the pilot federation should lower the security rating in Deciat. It's not High Security, it's Anarchy with extra steps. This needs investigation and action !

Cluster Fox out.

[End Of Log]
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CMDR Cluster Fox
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09 Sep 3305
Deciat corruption
Cluster Fox
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