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Camper Van Beethoven / 10 Sep 3305
The Expedition Begins

For anyone who actually pays attention to this, this is not supposed to be some story dreamed up in my head. This is legitimately just a daily log of my journey from Alioth to Sagittarius A* which I figured I should probably go to at some point just to knock it off my bucket list. Today I set out from Alioth. I had planned to visit the Pipe(stem) systems just for a test run of my Asp Explorer which I have outfitted specifically for exploration (I have another Asp I mainly use for kind of all arounding). As it turns out there's a Neutron Star about 20 LY before the Pipe(stem) and Pipe(bowl) systems so I figured I'd just start today. It was like 20 jumps to the neutron star. I'd never seen a Neutron Star in this game before and I'd never supercharged my FSD with one either. There's a White Dwarf at LP 131-66 which is like 2 LY from Alioth so I'd tried it there but it didn't really supercharge it that much. 2 major notes for this entry: Cyberpunk music makes the hyperspace grind like 40x more enjoyable, Neutron Stars are utterly beautiful and terrifying at the same time. They also like quadruple your jump range. So far feeling pretty pumped for this which I'm sure will change. But at this moment I feel like I might actually be motivated to go the entire way this time. 44/777 jumps completed. I got a long way to go
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CMDR Camper Van Beethoven
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26 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
25 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
24 Sep 3305
Same old same old
Camper Van Beethoven
23 Sep 3305
I'm back
Camper Van Beethoven
14 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
12 Sep 3305
Ramblings of a baselessly terrified explorer
Camper Van Beethoven
11 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
10 Sep 3305
The Expedition Begins
Camper Van Beethoven
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