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Alexander Rozhenko / 10 Sep 3305
Personal Log - 2 - 10 September 3305

Pretty routine first day of the voyage to the Norma Expanse. Well, this part of the trip was always going to be pretty routine so close to the bubble.

Quick stop in Musca Dark Region AR-U b3-8 to enjoy some views.

Straight on to HIP 60989 for an overnight stay before moving on toward my goal. This close to the Coal Sack, thought I'd hang around and get some shots of the dark region. Nine of the ten planets in this system are gas giants,  all but one with magnificent ring systems. The views of the Coal Sack are spectacular.

The Australian Aborigines saw the Coal Sack as the head of the Emu in in the Sky. You know, I can almost see it if I kind of tilt my head a squint a little but I guess up this close the view is not the same as back on Earth.

Anyway, time to settle down, crack that first bottle of Speyside single malt then get some sleep. Long day tomorrow as I head out on the first long leg of my journey to the star cluster NGC 5281. This will probably take a while.

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