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Sniper Amuzo / 10 Sep 3305
First Time Into The Void

-----Start Log Audio----
As I am sitting here, taking in the sights of Grushin Dock, the grey station interior lined with roads for vehicles, dotted with landing pads and traffic control towers, all lit up with the dull orange-yellow glow of industrial lighting. A pretty typical sight, a pretty typical station. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special about this one station. But today, it was all so fascinating to me, how far humanity has come in a relatively short time, how humanity has gone from a single planet to calling countless planets home. And yet, we still have so much to explore, we are still clustered close to home. All of this has dawned on me now, at this very moment, as this station, these people are going to be the last people and the last signs of humanity that I will see for a long time. I beginning my first long trip out of the bubble. Roughly 8,000 lightyears away, 8,000 lightyears out into the unknown and uninhabited. Into the cold empty void. I’m so excited that I haven't been able to sleep for the past day now. Just going to stop by the bar one final time before going and beginning the preflight checks, making sure everything is in working order. Especially that new Guardian FSD booster, tested it out in a few jumps, making some weird noises so not sure if its already broken or its just because it's weird alien tech. But I better get going because I’m getting anxious and ready to get going.

*radio crackles* “Hey Amuzo, final adjustment to the FSD booster are finished. Running one last system check right now to make sure everything is in working order. I’ll let you know once the systems check is complete.”

Shit, that was fast. Gonna end this log here. Commander Amuzo signing off.

   -----End Log Audio-----
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CMDR Sniper Amuzo
Explorer / Freedom Fighter
10 Sep 3305
First Time Into The Void
Sniper Amuzo
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